Fresh on the new Google Apps Marketplace – Freshservice!

If you are a Google Apps user looking for a Service Desk, you should right now be as excited as we are! Freshservice just launched on the new Google Apps Marketplace, making us the first IT Service Desk on it (Yay!).

Our Google Apps integration, at its core, is just an extension of the promise we made when we started out. We are trying to take the boring out of IT, and in doing so, to transform the Service Desk experience into something that’s as much fun as a game of paintball.

Businesses owners all across the world use Google Apps for their work, owing mainly to the vast array of third party integrations it gives them access to. Freshservice being on the marketplace means several things, the most important of them being that Google Apps users now have the Service Desk functionality at their doorstep. And more importantly, that ITIL best practices are now just a click away for all Google Apps users.

The Google Directory import makes sure that IT Admins can pull in information quickly and get the service desk started in a matter of minutes. And yes, we are also available on the Chrome Web Store, so you can pull us up anytime right from your browser.

So for all of you who were demurring getting the ITIL Service Desk you needed for your business, you really have no more excuses left. Sign up, now!