Integrate Your Freshservice Account with a Fresh New Phone System


An ITIL engagement survey by SDI revealed that, “Even today 98% of service desks are still contacted by phone.”

As much as we aim to reduce walk-ins and encourage self-service, the one thing you can’t change is the need for people to talk to one another. Whether it’s your employees wanting to just pick up a phone and ask an IT person a question, or it’s an IT agent wanting to reach an employee asking for more details to resolve a query, phone systems are indispensable.

Freshcaller has now been integrated with Freshservice to streamline communication and connectivity. In this article, you’ll learn about how the integration works and what value it brings to your Freshservice account.

Why Freshcaller?

Freshcaller, a cloud-based Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system, comes from Freshworks, a leading customer engagement software suite. The phone system is packed with features to help you set up a full-fledged call center in just a few clicks. Freshcaller is cloud-based and is trusted by businesses across the globe.

Customers love the ease of set up, affordability, and ability to perform complex telephonic connections across the globe. With Freshcaller, you can have nested Interactive Voice Responses (IVRs), call recording facilities, local and toll-free numbers, voicemail and more.

Freshcaller is a great stand-alone phone system. But what does this integration really mean for your service desk?

Benefits of adding Freshcaller to your Freshservice account

Having your service desk and phone system under the same roof helps streamline communication and attend to your employee’s problems from one place. Here are some of the benefits the integration will bring to your service desk:

  1. Bridge the gap between your employees and IT team – No matter where in the world, your IT agents will be just a phone call away. You can have customized numbers to make sure the right desk is easily reachable.
  2. Add context – Your agents will be able to see complete details of the caller and their ticket history even before they pick up a call. Agents will also be able to record calls, take down notes, and also transfer calls to a different agent.
  3. Be accountable – Agents spend time providing quick resolutions on phone calls. However, these efforts aren’t usually captured on the ticketing system. The extensive reporting in Freshcaller will enable you to track time and maximize productivity.
  4. Route calls – In just a few easy steps you can set up nested IVRs to efficiently route calls to the correct group and help the right agents attend the right calls.
  5. Add a dependable ticket channel – Even if all agents are busy or are unavailable to pick calls, the caller can leave a voicemail and it will be converted to a ticket in the helpdesk.
  6. Make announcements with pre-recorded messages – In the event of having downtime, system changes, or any temporary emergencies, you can set up a pre-recorded message to keep your employees informed and reduce the volume of tickets.

Want to know more about how the integration works? Read more here or sign up for a free trial of Freshservice and you’ll be able to see how the two systems plug into each other.

Cover image by Nidhi

Edited by Vignesh Jeyaraman