Here’s to easier IT with Freshservice Agent Dashboard

I start my day at work by checking my calendar, tasks, and personal notes so I can plan my day efficiently.

Service desk users are generally busy solving people’s problems and their first task each day is often figuring out which requests assigned to them are more important or when they are due. A customizable dashboard will help Freshservice users check the relevant information on open tickets, overdue tickets, etc. and plan their work better. To make their jobs easier, we introduce Freshservice Agent Dashboard.   

What is an Agent Dashboard?

When users start their day, they expect information that is of high priority i.e. tickets overdue, tickets that are awaiting customer response, etc. Service desk agents spend a lot of time organizing work before actually executing it. They need to figure out the most important tickets to work on. They should also be able to constantly self-evaluate their performance or team performance and keep track of their targets.

To achieve these, we introduce Agent dashboard with a single consolidated and customizable snapshot.  

The new dashboard will become the landing page for Freshservice users. The dashboard will help you prioritize and manage your work better, every day. The widgets on the dashboard provide an overview of where you stand in your helpdesk. Supervisors and admins will be able to identify bottlenecks easily and take real-time actions.  

Use cases:

“Mark is an experienced agent who handles high priority or VIP tickets that are coming from executives and directors”  

“Ben is a high-performing service desk agent. He wants to quickly check the tickets due today and also wants to customize the dashboard to access the information that is of priority in real time so he can remain productive”   

“Jen, a Change Manager wants to see the emergency changes assigned on her name so that she can immediately take actions to resolve them”  

“Jessica, a service desk manager is responsible for her team performance. She identifies bottlenecks and areas of improvement. She wants to compare tickets outstanding for every agent or group. She expects a leaderboard with top performers”

“Jessica, a service desk manager checks the agent availability status. Jessica wants to understand group wise agent availability status in order to allocate tasks efficiently”

“Jen has a lot of backlog due to a complex project that he is focusing on. But, the team has decided on a threshold value. Jen wants to check whether he is violating the threshold value for all unresolved tickets. He wants this information to be accessible within the dashboard”

“David wants to closely monitor all the KPIs such as which tickets are about to breach their SLA, average resolution time and get immediate insight into key data like service desk’s response time, resolution time”

What’s available in the new dashboard?

The dashboard consists of multiple widgets which you can drag and drop, and reorder. Agents will be able to customize each of these widgets based on their needs. They will be able to choose a specific ticket trend from the gallery and pin it to the dashboard. They can also go directly to the actual tickets by clicking on the widget. Here are the specific features of the dashboard:

Announcements – Broadcasted messages will be shown as announcements to agents who are logged in, depending on the visibility settings. New announcements can be created and posted on the dashboard.  

Custom agent dashboard


Widget library
What it means
ScorecardCreate widgets to display ticket count based on specific criteria.
Set a threshold value after which the count is highlighted.
For example, when the overdue ticket count crosses 25, this scorecard is highlighted in red color.
Ticket distributionA donut chart or bar chart displays the distribution of tickets based on the categorization. Mention x-axis and y-axis in order to get the right type of tickets. This is available for problems, changes, and releases as well.
A leaderboard widget displays the leaders in each segment depending on the gamification settings configured by the service desk administrator. For example, the most valuable player, sharpshooter
AchievementsView the points you have earned and your recently-won badges. Quests can be created by a service desk administrator to decide the agent level and badges like beginner, intermediate, etc.
Tasks View
Check tasks’ statuses within a ticket and tasks assigned on your name for different tickets (My tasks, Tasks on my tickets,, All Tasks -- for the supervisor to assign(future)) .. Filters -- by group, agents
Agent availability
For a service desk supervisor, agent availability information comes handy in the dashboard.


A single snapshot of important data and tasks – A service desk agent’s day starts with checking this dashboard which provides a consolidated view of important items. In effect, the Dashboard becomes a  service desk agent’s day planner.

Actionable insights at a glance – The Dashboard consists of multiple items that provide useful insights including agent performance benchmarks and total points scored.

Real-time monitoring of important metrics – The scorecard monitors a particular metric in reaching the threshold value and alerts the agent at the right time. This real-time monitoring enables agents to stay on top of alerts.

Customizable widget gallery  – The widget gallery lets you choose whatever is important for you, allowing you to just drag and drop the widgets you need.  

Better data-driven decisions – The Dashboard is full of useful data and insights, and agents can take quick data-driven decisions using these reports.  

Identify bottlenecks easily and take actions – The scorecards and achievements help you identify the areas that require immediate action depending on the threshold level.  


A custom dashboard can be a powerful addition to any organization, revealing critical insights that lead to better decision-making, improved productivity, and enhanced performance. But the key is to first understand how dashboards can help identify opportunities to deliver value.

Freshservice has been constantly working on agent experience and productivity improvements. The custom dashboard is targeted at improving an agent’s day-to-day productivity and efficiency. Our roadmap includes adding KPIs to the dashboard such as average resolution time, SLA achieved, etc. We will be enhancing this module constantly, so stay tuned for more updates.


Cover image by  Sharmila