How I think Alexa can help IT Service Management

How will an Alexa service management skill make sense to IT folks?

I got an Amazon Echo Dot for my birthday. It is one of the best birthday gifts ever. 

I’m now a huge fan of Alexa. She has been helping me immensely, right from waking me up to keeping my Google Calendar up to date.

It amazed me on how much it limited my hand to button interaction. Before Alexa, checking my next event on the calendar involved multiple actions like unlocking the phone, opening the Calendar app and scrolling down. Now, I just have to ask Alexa and it tells me instantly.

As a stressed out Service desk agent, I was fantasising an ITSM world with Alexa. In my imaginative world, this is what it looks like

Alexa as a Dashboard

I spend a lot of time wondering how many tickets are currently Open, especially the higher priority ones.  Everytime I need the number, I have to move out of my current ticket and navigate to the Dashboard. It disrupts. It hurts.

Alexa can help minimize that. She can instantly tell me how many tickets are open.

Alexa Service Management Skill - Dashboard

Close that ticket, Alexa!

If only I’ve had a dime for every time I’ve had to stop what I was doing and navigate to a specific ticket window: just to click that one close button.

If only Alexa can do that for me…

Alexa Service Management Skill - Close tickets

Maybe she can even go one step further and force me to populate mandatory fields.

Alexa Service Management Skill - Populate fields

Logging a new ticket is not as easy as it looks

In a perfect world, people log their own tickets through the self service portal. But we’re not there yet, are we?

All the tickets that come through phone, chat and in person; sigh. If only I’ve had a dime every time I had to log that manually.

Alexa Service Management Skill - New ticket conversation

Asset Management made easy with Alexa Service Management Skill

If it’s really hard for me to locate the most troublesome asset, then how can I fix it?

Alexa to the rescue!

Alexa Service Management Skill - Asset Management

Alexa helps make quick Change management decisions

I hate it when I schedule a change over someone else’s Change. How awesome would it be if I can quickly find the Freeze window without having to open my laptop?

Alexa Service Management Skill - Change Management

I’m pretty sure AlexaService Management Skill can help in many other ways but this is what I could think of. Let me know if you can think of other stuff!


Alexa Service Management Skill - Joke

Alexa Service Management Skill - Blooper