Top 7 Service Catalog Examples From Across Industries

The service catalog plays an important role in interactions that can afford to be transactional without human assistance. They are especially vital for interactions optimized around speed and efficiency. A service catalog is like an online shopping website for your organization. With a well-organized and carefully curated collection of all the business and IT related services, it connects the employees to support and services that IT delivers. The idea behind this list of service catalog examples is to instigate the need for making your employees feel home.

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The service catalog is like a menu card, employees can look into it and order their choice of hardware, software and IT services to streamline their work. It facilitates easy interactions with the IT team and simplifies processes to request IT services. Service catalog simplifies access to the services that the employees require to remain productive. Employees are empowered with consumer-like experience with a user-friendly shopping-cart like portal and are presented with defined IT service offerings.

It is important to leverage personalization by customizing your service catalog to deliver a sense of belonging and kinship to your employees. Make your IT service catalog speak your organization’s dialect, get inputs from your employees and IT agents before building it.

Here are a few service catalog examples that will help you understand the level of personalization you can offer your employees. These service catalog examples also establish a fair idea of how the catalog’s usage could be extended beyond just IT:


  1. M&C SAATCHI: 

M&C Saatchi is the largest independent international advertising agency in the world. With 25 offices and 2200 employees, it is clearly apparent to have a sophisticated service catalog to streamline their work and improve productivity. This is one of those service catalog examples that are tailored to their organization’s dialect and references. The quirky descriptions for their offered services are a big win for their employees.


Service catalog examples - M&C Saatchi

  1.   Freshworks:

Freshworks is a cloud-based customer engagement company with a suite of ten products carefully designed to work tightly together to increase collaboration and help teams better connect and communicate with their customers and co-workers. This service catalog example perfectly demonstrates how it can be used as a hub for multiple teams like HR, engineering, marketing, sales and facilities. For example, onboarding a new hire, referring an eligible candidate for a job opening or raising work requests if you need something to be moved, replaced or installed is made possible with service catalog. It could also be used for IT infrastructure-related requests like hardware or software installations and finance and payroll related queries.

Service catalog examples - Freshworks

  1. McCormick&Company:

McCormick&Company is an American food company that is a global leader in flavor. With their diverse and balanced flavor portfolio, they are ideally positioned to meet the increasing demand for flavor around the world. Here’s a service catalog example for unique HR solutions. McCormick has their portal customized to enable their employees complete forms, request for standard HR actions, and find answers to frequently asked questions.

Service catalog examples - McCormick & Company

  1. Harrods:

Harrods is at the height of British luxury retail, attracting millions of loyal customers from across the globe with its unrivaled product selection, world-class service, innovative retail theatre and historic setting. With over 12000 employees and 330 departments, it poses to be one of the best service catalog examples by empowering their employees with intuitive user experience and a transparent system. Harrods has standardized request fulfillment to ensure the accuracy and availability of items in their service catalog.

Service catalog examples- Harrods


Rowan-Salisbury school system is a PK-12 graded school in North Carolina, United States. The second-largest employer of Rowan county, the system’s 35 schools serve nearly 20,000 as of 2013-14. Their system uses the service catalog to serve its students and staff as a knowledge base repository and as a common platform for announcements and release notes. This service catalog example facilitates its students and teachers with quick password resets, maintenance requests and FAQs.

Service catalog examples- Rowan Salisbury


Carnegie Science is an organization for scientific discovery. This institution is home for exceptional individuals- men and women with imagination and extraordinary dedication capable of working at the cutting edge of their fields.  Their service catalog is well-stacked with exhaustive FAQ articles and popular solution recommendations, IT support, and Knowledgebase for services and equipment standards. 


Service catalog examples - carnegie science

  1. C&K Childcare and Kindergarten:

The Creche and Kindergarten Association Limited(C&K) is one of the largest nonprofit organizations in Australia that offer the highest quality of early childhood education and childcare.  They have 350+ centers across Queensland and their vision is to provide the best-in-class education for children at an affordable expense. C&K has an elaborate IT service catalog built for different modules like enrolments, facilities, HR, IT, quality and regulation, recruitment and service support. The organization has customized an entire section of its service catalog for child missing notifications, emergency and illness, complaints.


Service catalog examples- C&K Childcare & Kindergarten


These service catalog examples are meticulously selected and organized to demonstrate a well-branded design, governance and maintenance process that focuses on proactive performance improvement. If you are looking to provide an “add to cart” experience to your employees, deploy your service catalog in minutes with Freshservice.

Blog cover by Saravana Kannan