Why You Should Switch To A Modern Cloud-Based ITSM Solution.

Is my service desk investment paying off?

Is my service desk delivering true business value? 

Are we incurring costs that are not under control? 

Are we able to leverage the service desk beyond IT use cases?

If your current ITSM solution makes you question its true value and reliability, are you even using the right ITSM tool?

We don’t think so!

Let’s get one thing straight. We don’t advocate a one-size-fits-all approach. In fact, we firmly believe that every organization must assess its business needs, IT infrastructure, and day-to-day incremental requirements, among other things, to arrive at the right solution that can tackle its IT service management challenges.

But, how do you identify these challenges when you are buried neck-deep in everyday low-complexity tasks? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

This article walks you through three scenarios where we think you have an opportunity to flip the switch on your ITSM strategy.

Let’s dive in!

Scenario 1:  A simple workflow change within your ITSM suite disrupts your entire workflow

If something as simple as creating a service request for application access wears you out, then there’s a serious flaw in your current ITSM tool.

The clunky nature of most legacy ITSM software will draw your service desk into months of coding and scripting just to implement simple workflow changes, leaving you with an extended timeline. And boy, do we all know what an extended timeline can do to the business!

To implement changes more rapidly and ensure uninterrupted services for your employees, you need to look for a tool that makes implementing workflow changes a breeze.

A tool like Freshservice, for instance, has a simple drag and drop UI to implement workflow changes and change management requests.

ITSM workflow automation

You can also set simple automation rules and leverage built-in functionalities to eliminate redundant tasks and simplify your work further.

Scenario 2: Your ITSM tool is high maintenance, sending your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through the roof!

You thought you could make a one-time high-cost investment on a legacy ITSM tool and get away with it?

No way.

Expensive licenses, hidden costs, and recurring expenses will leave you struggling to find the real value of your ITSM tool. And that’s just the beginning. A long pay period, slow time-to-value, and a struggle to achieve real ROI will follow as long as you continue to invest in maintaining your legacy tool.

What if you could pay for only what you use and nothing more? 

Enter Freshservice.

Not to toot our own horn, but Freshservice provides a transparent, predictable, and controllable TCO. Our transparent subscription plans are created to offer a pay-as-you-go model with no hidden costs and easy management. 

Scenario 3: You’re always looking for external help to manage your ITSM tool.

Yet another downside to using a legacy ITSM tool is that you’re always looking for outside help to manage your tool. 

ITSM solution

Legacy tools are, more often than not, built using custom code. Specialized skills are required to implement, maintain, and upgrade the tool. This means you have to call in coders who built the platform to fix what’s broken, adding to your already high maintenance costs. 

Even for simple workflow changes, there’s a hunt for external consultants, commercial negotiations, the creation of a statement of work, and then the need to map out elaborate project plans. 

That’s a lot of work! And quite unnecessary. 

It doesn’t take an army to implement Freshservice. With our intuitive, out-of-the-box, and highly configurable IT service desk; you’re not compelled to break the bank either.

With Freshservice’s no-code platform, you can rapidly develop enterprise-grade customizations, get expert onboarding and migration services instantly. 

Final thoughts

If you’re looking to find opportunities to flip the switch on your ITSM strategy, we’ve got just what you need.

Based on our experience of working with businesses that have turned around their IT service management, we’ve created an ebook that narrows down seven scenarios where we think there’s an opportunity to flip the switch on your ITSM strategy.

This ebook enables you to dig deeper and find answers to critical questions that can optimize your ITSM solution. The ebook also gives you insights into new-age innovations and helps you transform into a world-class business.  

Interested? Click here to get your free copy.

And, if you’ve made up your mind to switch to a modern cloud-based ITSM solution, get started on our 21-day free trial and explore the full potential of Freshservice.

Design courtesy: Monhanraj Selvam