When is the Best Time to Flip the Switch on Your ITSM Strategy?

The short answer? Right about now would be a good time to flip the switch if you’re still using a rigid and outdated legacy ITSM tool!

Legacy ITSM tools are not built for the intermittent changes the world throws at us. The lack of performance and efficiency in legacy ITSM tools restricts organizations from keeping up with technology changes and growing the business. What’s more, agent productivity and end-user experience go out the window thanks to the complex nature of legacy ITSM tools.

The pandemic has brought home the need for digital transformations, like never before. Organizations with strong service management capabilities will be able to apply automation and leverage innovations to accelerate this transformation. A modern ITSM solution that can standardize processes, streamline simple tasks, and help agents effectively resolve mounting IT issues is the need of the hour.

Then again, the decision to migrate to a next-generation service management tool is a hard pill to swallow. It is but natural to hold on to the legacy tool, fearing downtime, lack of employee buy-in, and high upfront costs of a full-blown migration.

That’s where we come in!

To help you transition to the light side of the Force (yes, that is a Star Wars reference) and accurately assess your ITSM solution. We’ve laid out four scenarios where we think there’s an opportunity to flip the switch on your ITSM strategy.

Read on to find what they are.

Scenario 1: When you can’t take ITSM outside of IT

Wonder what it would feel like to have a car but not the steering wheel or the brakes to drive it? Well, that’s exactly what having a legacy ITSM tool that doesn’t extend to other lines of business feels like.

Your HR, Travel, and Legal teams also have similar operational and request fulfillment needs as IT. But your legacy tool can’t support these teams over a unified platform given the tool’s technical debt and cost structure. This means that operational efficiencies and employee experiences suffer as other business functions are deprived of the benefits of the ITSM tool.

This is why you should give up your legacy tool and look for a solution that can bridge the gap between IT and other business functions.

Freshservice allows companies to simplify their business service delivery by bringing all teams and tools in one place. You can maintain a single system of record to track all incoming requests, pending approvals and receive status updates across all business processes.

Scenario 2: When your agents are frustrated

In addition to adjusting to the new normal of remote work, your employees are also struggling to deal with the complexity of your legacy tool.

Legacy ITSM tools are loaded with unnecessary features and modules which are never used. Furthermore, these features are built with heavy customizations and often break, leaving your agents to firefight the situation and manage the product.

The bottom line? Your agents are frustrated and suffering from a serious case of convoluted IT processes and high service desk complexity.

Talk to your agents; they’ll tell you all about it!

ITSM strategy

A better way of increasing your agent productivity is by investing in a right-size solution like Freshservice.

Freshservice is designed, keeping the end-user at the front and center. Whether it’s the intuitive UI or accessibility across other applications, Freshservice leverages innovations to simplify the service environment and make work-life simple and straightforward.

Key information and workflows are readily available, empowering employees with a consumer-grade user experience in the channel of choice, whether it is MS Tea, Slack, or Freshservice chatbot.

Scenario 3: When you can’t find the real value of your ITSM tool

Have you found yourself struggling to explain the real value your legacy ITSM tool has created so far?

Legacy ITSM tools are a huge technical debt to the company making it nearly impossible to calculate its ROI. The ability to track improvement initiatives requires an upgraded license, which comes at a significantly higher cost than the entry-level.

This is a common issue for many organizations.

So, in order to get ITSM to compete for budgets in the same way that other hardware and software investments do, you need to bring some solid numbers to the table. And that can be done only if you’re ready to make the switch to a more efficient ITSM tool.

Freshservice improves agent productivity by triaging incoming tickets and providing Machine Learning (ML) powered suggestions and responses. This way, you’re putting time back into their day and enabling them to focus on more strategic IT initiatives.

Scenario 4: When your incumbent ITSM tool is just not into your tech stack.

What can we say… your legacy ITSM tool and your tech stack are just not into each other!

The challenges are many when it comes to integrating your legacy ITSM tool with your existing tech stack. For starters, there is a significant need for coding and development and Marketplace apps are difficult to implement, translating to slower deployment and time to value.

ITSM strategy

Besides, there is very little time and resources left for innovation and business enablement when you’re bogged down by your service desk’s operational complexities and costs.

This is where you need a tool like Freshservice, which integrates with your existing tech stack easily. We understand that integrating your service management tool into your existing digital infrastructure is the best way to unlock value.

Final thoughts

If something as integral as your IT service management doesn’t sit well with your IT infrastructure, you shouldn’t think twice about making the switch to a more efficient ITSM tool.

To help you better assess your current ITSM tool, we wrote an eBook that lays down seven scenarios where we think there’s an opportunity to flip the switch on your ITSM strategy.

This ebook enables you to dig deeper and find answers to critical questions that can optimize your ITSM solution.

Want to give it a read? Click here to get your free copy.

Design courtesy: Raghuraman Jaganathan