We’ve given Analytics within Freshservice a new look!

We’ve been working on making analytics within Freshservice even better. And after lots of research, brainstorming, and testing, we’ve arrived at a cleaner, leaner interface for analytics on Freshservice. We’ve added a few new functionalities and tweaked others to give customers a more seamless and intuitive experience.

Here’s what’s changing:

1. A visual refresher

We’ve given the current analytics homepage a visual refresher. The view is now cleaner and easier on the eye. You’ll find that the first widget within your report becomes pinned to the tile.



2. Reports view with sorting functionality

The Reports’ section under Analytics will now become sortable. While the grid view will still be available, we’ve added the functionality to view all analytics reports as a list and sort them by name, date or number of widgets within

3. Adding new widgets

Within an analytics report, when you try to add a new widget, a bar opens up on the right bar of the screen. While this was previously displayed as tiles, we’ve renewed it to a vertical list that still includes the search functionality. This will help you consume more in a single screen and scroll through them easily.

4. De-cluttering widget configuration

Within a chart or widget, the ‘Filter’ button has evolved to the ‘Configure’ button. Earlier, the metrics and ‘group by’ filters were on either corner of the screen and would strain the eye. We’ve removed the filter categories such as Properties, Associations and Date/Time and have now clubbed the complete filter and group by attributes into one single pane under ‘Configure’. This should de-clutter your entire report customization experience.

5. Advanced filtering with Boolean operators

To really make sense of data, we recognized that service desk managers need to perform complex logical functions and advanced filtering. To enable this, in the ‘Configure’ section, under ‘Advance filters’ you can leverage Boolean operators such as AND & OR to slice and dice your data in many different ways.

6. Export graph CSV

When you’re working with heavy raw data, exporting it may be an essential step in analyzing it. Earlier, you could only export the tabular data as a CSV file. Now, with the improved functionality, you’ll be able to export even the graph data as a converted matrix/sheet table in a CSV format.

7. A new look for scheduled data export

The data export feature in Freshservice allows you to schedule the export of data and feed it into your BI tool either through a downloadable file or an API URL. We’ve made the form easier to navigate and given it a cleaner interface.



Why did we make all these changes?

As IT professionals, we recognize the need for data & analytics to be more meaningful and go beyond just numbers or charts. These enhancements will make analytics within Freshservice visually better and easier to consume. The addition of new functionalities will enable more intuitive ways to view data and make sense of service desk performance.

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Cover image by Nidhi