Welcome Thank Yous with Freddy!

Caprice: Hello everyone! Welcome to a new episode of FreshHeroes. I’m your host Caprice and today we’ve got Freddy with us.

Well, hello Freddy buddy! Would you like to introduce yourself to us?

Freddy: Hello there. I’m Freddy!

(awkward silence)

Caprice: That’s all??

Freddy: (rolls his eyes) I’m the omnichannel bot for Freshworks and I make sure self-service is more intelligent and helpful.

Caprice: I like your glasses!

Freddy: Oh, me too! But I’m afraid they’re not for sale.

Caprice: Alright. As you know, FreshHeroes is all about portraying innovations in the field of IT. Innovations that make life easier. Let’s find out what Freddy has done for us.

Freddy: There’s a saying by Harriet Jackson Brown Jr. that goes Don’t forget, a person’s greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated.”

Then there’s a saying by support agents that goes Don’t forget, an agent’s greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated and not ruin the SLA.”

Caprice: Wait wait! You just took down an inspirational quote! What was that?

Freddy: If you search ‘prevent tickets from reopening’ on the web, you will see plenty of questions about tickets being reopened because of thank you responses from the customer. For agents, the most satisfying moment is when they’ve helped a customer with an issue and successfully resolved their ticket. He/she then moves on to their next ticket or gets on with some other work. The agent later notices that the system has reopened the ticket they closed because there was a response to it from the customer. They rush to see what’s wrong and find out it’s just a message from the customer thanking the agent.

Caprice: Isn’t that a good thing? Being appreciated? How is it ruining the SLA?

Freddy: The system doesn’t recognize that the message was a token of gratitude and reopens the ticket. And this affects the SLA since the ticket is ‘open’ again and the resolution time gets extended on the helpdesk records. The issue can be fixed if the agent notices the change in time, but if not, the SLA time gets affected. 

Caprice: Oh yes! I’ve actually come across this issue a lot on the web. 

Freddy: Yes it is. Our CEO calls this the Holy Grail problem in customer support because he’s been working on helpdesk software for over 10 years now and hasn’t seen a great solution for it.

Caprice: Holy Grail? (chuckles)  Fancy name for an IT issue.

Freddy: That’s our secret Cap. We’re always fancy!  Look at me, for instance. I could have “just” been a bot, but I’m someone who people fall in love with. I try to make life easy!

Caprice: Well well! So what’s been done to solve the problem?

Freddy: Allow me to welcome the man of the hour. Me, Myself! Freddy, the thank you detector!

Caprice: Thank you detector? What is that?

Freddy: When we were faced with the Holy Grail problem, our CEO decided to bring the party to the Freddy team and asked if machine learning could solve the issue.

Caprice: I don’t see how’s that’s a party!

Freddy: Yes, it is not.  A simple question from the outside was a challenge from the inside. But let me tell you, such challenges have made us what we are now. So, Team Freddy took up the Holy Grail challenge and came up with a deep learning model within me.  I was reborn as the ‘thank you’ detector!

Caprice: Reborn? Hmm, again, fancy! So what is different in you now?

Freddy: I’m cuter. Woof!

Caprice: I can see that.  But is that it?

Freddy: Oh, I’m smarter too! The deep learning helps me identify whether the ticket should remain closed because the response from the customer is a token of gratitude or appreciation, or whether I should reopen the ticket because the customer had additional questions on the same ticket. The workflow can be set up such that I read responses to a particular ticket and if I feel that the response from the customer is a token of gratitude or appreciation or any message that shows the customer’s satisfaction with the support that he received, I’ll keep the ticket closed. Also, I can do this with all Freshservice supported languages.

Now agents can be more productive by giving attention only to tickets that I reopen and not rush to every response received from the customer.

Caprice: Looks like Freddy is going to create quite the buzz! You’re a hero, boy!

Freddy: That’s nothing new, right?! (winks) But on that note, let me tell you, anybody who solves a problem and makes life easy is a hero! 

Caprice: Smart! Well, with that, it is time for us to wind up today’s episode of FreshHeroes.

Freddy: Hey Cap! I’d like to say something before signing off.

Caprice: Sure! 

Freddy: To all agents out there, I know that SLA breach because of ticket reopenings is something you’ve been facing for a while. If you think I’ll do a good job as the thank you detector or if you’ve got any other thoughts or queries just ping me at talk2freddy@freshworks.com and I’ll answer them.  

Caprice: With that, let me take the privilege to thank Freddy for coming to this show.  Until next time, Adios!

Try our Thank You Detector here:

 For the model to be effective, we have trained it to learn from actual customer conversations with our support team. Go ahead and challenge the model with different combinations of responses you have seen from your customers. This way, it will work well for you.


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