While employees are in the process of settling into a hybrid work environment, businesses have come head-to-head with one of their biggest pain points - disjointed customer and employee experience. The root cause for this is various teams working across geographies and time zones while collaborating on multiple tools and platforms.

Technology plays a ‘make or break’ role in employee engagement. 82% of employees agreed on reduced productivity and service delivery experience due to multiple established processes. To decode how uninterrupted IT powers unstoppable business operations, industry experts from  Freshworks and Slack will be sharing critical insights on how to take collaboration to the next level and stay productive, no matter what tool you're on.

Key Takeaways:


deepthi headshot deepthi headshot

Deepthi Nagarajan

Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Freshworks

amanda headshot amanda headshot

Amanda Bourque Ribeiro

Senior Business Development Manager, Platform Partnerships, Slack