Employees today want to feel empowered to exercise their choices at work - and this includes picking their own tools to get work done. Therefore, the boom in siloed SaaS adoption by teams and business units comes as no shocker. 

However, to manage this chaotic foray of tools adopted by your employees, your IT teams need just one solution. Wondering how?
Set up a streamlined and automated onboarding process with SaaS management, Orchestration Center, Employee onboarding, and service management modules - all in one unified solution, Freshservice.

Watch the webinar to learn how to:
1. Configure an end-user experience for your SaaS onboarding process
2. Discover your SaaS applications and fulfill service requests with 360° visibility 
3. A hands-on session on automating onboarding requests using Orchestration and SaaS module

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Neharika Sundar

Product Marketing Specialist 

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Prathiksha Rudharraju

Product Marketing Specialist