An extensive webinar by VeriSM lead author Johann Botha

Considering how fierce competition is today, your organization's success or failure depends on the speed at which you innovate and grow. So, digital transformation is no longer optional. And as more organizations are going digital, VeriSM is emerging as something internal service providers are looking to for success.

VeriSM is an end-to-end model for service management in a digital age. It helps organizations define the principles of service management. While it includes IT service management, it also covers other departments like HR, finance, operations, sales, and marketing.

There are a lot of questions and misconceptions around VeriSM – “Is it a replacement for ITIL?”, “Who is it for?”, “Why do we need another set of best practices?”.

So in this webinar, VeriSM lead author Johann Botha discusses what VeriSM actually is (and what it’s not), what is the need for it and what problems it solves, who it is for, the levels of certification, and how it compares to ITIL and other best practice frameworks.

Speakers in this webinar

Johann Botha


Sajeesh Sahadevan

Product Marketing

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