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What does a virtual agent do?

Deploying an AI virtual agent for your ITSM needs is extremely useful in augmenting your internal self-service. It is a two-fold solution that helps IT agents and employees work as efficiently as possible.. The primary reason for deploying a virtual agent is to give employees instant help during their hour of need. While self-service portals do a good job in that area, they are still alien to most employees, as shown by the low adoption rates within the ITSM industry. 

A virtual agent helps resolve user queries agnostic of the channel viz. messaging applications, web apps, etc. Here are the use cases of a virtual agent in the ITSM space in providing self-service within an organization

Virtual agent use cases Virtual agent use cases

Virtual agent use cases in ITSM

IT managers

A virtual agent is an essential tool for an IT manager focused on improving employee satisfaction in their organization. Deploying a VA can also help free up some time in the IT agent's calendar to focus on the more important tasks at hand and ensure round-the-clock service to employees. Using advanced technology like NLP and ML, a virtual agent can understand user queries' context and provide the most appropriate answers.  

The virtual agent from Freshservice can be easily deployed on popular app platforms like MS Teams, Slack, or Freshdesk Messaging to improve ticket deflection by close to 40%. 

Representation of an employee working with a virtual agent Representation of an employee working with a virtual agent

For Employees 

For employees looking to find immediate solutions to their problems, a virtual agent is the best bet. Raising an issue and getting it resolved is as easy as simply sending a couple of messages back and forth on a messaging platform. Plus, this kind of support is available 24x7, and the cuts down drastically on the resolution times. Such a self-service process would help improve employee productivity as it will reduce the wait times for resolution and almost eliminates the need to contact a human agent.