Provide instant support for employees using Virtual Agent within Microsoft Teams

Employees in an organization expect instant support and turnaround to their issues when they contact the internal helpdesk. 

To facilitate this, companies invest a significant amount of time and money to build and implement self-service portals. But this makes little or no impact on the self-service adoption numbers. This is because self-service portals are still external to employees. It’s difficult for employees to remember the tool or the access URL to reach out for help.

According to a recent Freshservice study on helpdesk performance, on average it takes:

  • 26.7 hours for a resolution to an internal support ticket.
  • 18.8 hours for assigning someone an internal support ticket.

Every employee should be able :

  • To receive assistance at anytime
  • To self-serve on any channel
  • To receive an instant resolution for at least simple queries

The ideal solution to this problem is to bring self-service to employee collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack. We realized the needs and the importance of being able to provide instant support to employees and built the Freshservice Virtual Agent for Microsoft Teams. 

Freshservice’s Virtual Agent, powered by Freddy empowers enterprises to provide a best-in-class digital experience to their employees with an intelligent and predictive conversational AI solution.

How Freshservice virtual agent helps?

Virtual agent functionality from Freshservice uses Natural Language Processing to understand issues of employees to provide quick and instant support 24*7.

The availability of Virtual Agent on collaboration tools used by employees within the organization aids in receiving instant support.

Benefits of Virtual Agent

Conversational Support- Requesters can now chat with Virtual Agent in the most natural way possible to get work done. Virtual Agent uses NLU to provide users with relevant articles based on their query. The virtual agent also points users to the incident form to report the issue, if the user finds the suggested article is not matching their query.

Ticket Deflection- Deflect your L1 tickets with Virtual Agent and relieve agents from monotonous and repetitive tasks.

Value for time- The pre-trained virtual agent can be deployed without any additional cost or loss of agent hours, deflecting tickets and automating tasks right from day 1. With Virtual Agent, take self-service to where the employees are and provide delightful employee support.

With Virtual Agent, take self-service to where the employees are and provide delightful employee support.

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Cover Design: Nidhi Shah