Chapter 1 - Virtual Agent 101


In this chapter, you will learn the definition of virtual agents and how they work. An understanding of the basics of virtual agents will help determine the right fit for your company. It will also serve to set the right expectations when deploying this project. After understanding the basic defintion of a virtual agent, you will also learn about the common misconceptions surrounding a virtual agent. This will further your understanding of the technology. Such a holistic view is necessary before implementing a virtual agent in your company. 


Learn the definition of a virtual agent and the common misconceptions surrounding a virtual agent in Chapter 1

Representation of a virtual agent Representation of a virtual agent

Chapter 2 - How to choose a Virtual Agent?

Having understood the definition of what a virtual agent is and what it is not, it is time to take the next step- choosing your own virtual agent. For an untrained eye, all the virtual agents might appear very similar in the way they function. But, the proof is in the pudding. Knowing the essential features to look for will help narrow down your choices. After learning how to choose one, it is important to know how to use it. Therefore, we briefly also deal with the best practices of deploying a virtual agent. 


Learn the top 5 things to look out for when choosing a virtual agent and also the best practices when deploying a virtual agent in Chapter 2.  

Choosing a virtual agent Choosing a virtual agent

Chapter 3 - What are the use cases of a Virtual Agent?


This will be the final step before pulling the trigger on your virtual agent plans. We deal with how virtual agents can be used in the ITSM industry and how Freshservice, in particular, can be an effective spoke in your customer service wheel. To provide a comprehensive understanding, we deal with the use cases from both an IT manager’s perspective and an end user’s perspective. Knowing this will guide you in your usage and help you be mindful of your ultimate target audience for the tool.


Learn the different ways an IT agent/manager and an employee benefit when self-service is doing via your virtual agent in Chapter 3. 

Representation of virtual agent use cases Representation of virtual agent use cases