Transforming Employee Experience with Freshservice Virtual Agent- A Freshworks Story

Employee expectations of the workplace are rapidly evolving, and consumer-like experiences quickly become a benchmark to measure internal support teams.

A research report from Harvard Business Review Analytics Services and Freshservice found  that 82% of those surveyed say employee happiness is impacted by how well workplace technology performs.  The Freshworks IT Leadership and the department believed that an employee-first approach is needed to deliver and cater to their employee’s service requests. In any company scaling at breakneck speed, the IT department is the backbone that holds the ship together to firefight operational issues and build the infrastructure needed for employees to perform their best. Lighthouse, Freshworks’ homegrown adaptation of Freshservice, was instrumental in supporting this growth.

Although the employees were successfully using the Lighthouse service portal for all their service requests, the Freshworks IT team wanted to elevate the employee experience to the next level and provide 24*7 support for all employee service requests. They needed a solution that uses natural language and offers self-service resolution to common IT issues so that their IT agents can focus on high priority issues.

The IT team received a lot of queries on employee-related IT issues through Slack. The IT team also wanted to use the same channel to respond to employees and provide IT support in the channels that the employees loved using and collaborating- which is Slack. That’s when they launched the Freshservice Virtual Agent on Slack – which internally they renamed as Lighthouse Bot. Freshservice Virtual Agent is an intelligent and predictive conversational AI solution. It is pre-trained on common ITSM use cases and can help automate common IT issues and deflect support tickets. It took less than a week for the IT team to configure and set it up.

The IT Team first started using the Lighthouse Bot for approvals.

“On a given day I receive over 100 approval requests. I had to open my email and go to the service portal and approve each of them. With the Lighthouse Bot, I can approve all the requests easily in one view and focus on other high priority issues” says Aravind Kodiyalam, IT Manager, Freshworks.

Once the IT team successfully used the Lighthouse Bot, they launched it to all employees to use the bot for common IT issues like vpn related issues and access to different software tools like calendly, box, etc. And the IT team continuously looked at the queries they received from the employees and optimized their service items and solution articles to better serve employee requests. The quick response from the Virtual Agent helped employees have instant resolution to their IT issues through self-service and relieved the IT agents to focus on other high-value work.

Today, over 1000 employees actively use the Virtual Agent for their IT related service requests and the IT team has seen an 18x increase in Virtual Agent adoption in less than 6 months from the time of launch. The other benefits beyond agent productivity that the IT Team gained were happy employees and increase in NPS.

Watch this webinar on-demand to learn the best practices that the Freshworks IT Team adopted in implementing a Virtual agent and see how Freshworks reimagined its IT self-service to deliver a positive employee experience.

Cover image: Srinivasan Dhotre