Top 10 ITSM blogs to read in 2020

As you continue to stare into the digital abyss to make sense of today’s world, we are doing our best to keep you engaged. We have built a resource hub for Remote IT support that includes videos, blogs and other content pieces that help you make sense of the state of IT support today. 

In this article, we thought we’d take a look around the ITSM world and see what everyone is up to. The following is a compilation of the best ITSM blogs you can find. This keeps us engaged with the IT world and (mostly) distracted from the reality, even if only for a few minutes everyday. So, here we go!

The go-to resource for all things ITSM. This blog is an independent site that is run by ITSM practitioners and consultants. It covers a plethora of topics including ITIL best practices, vendor tool reviews, automation and the current state of ITSM. They also have a newsletter you can subscribe to for the latest tips and tricks in the ITSM space. 

Most recent blog – Are Your People, Processes, and Technology Prepared for the “New Norm”?


Axelos is a joint venture between the UK government and Capital Plc. Their job is specifically to cater to the ITSM industry by promoting best practices and recommended frameworks to be used. The most famous frameworks in their arsenal include ITIL®, PRINCE2® and MSP®. So, you know you’re drinking from the fountainhead when you read their content. 

Most recent blog – Four vital ways of working for project managers in agile environments

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SDI Blog 

SDI, short for Service Desk Institute, is a community for service desk professionals around the world. They offer training and certifications for a wide range of skill sets like analyst, manager and even on ITIL 4. As you would expect, their blog is populated by the who’s who of the ITSM world. They are also known for putting out industry-standard reports from time to time. 

Most recent blog – Harnessing The Power of Assessment – People Management

ITSM Professor

This blog is run by the ITSM Academy. According to their site, it is an all-female SMB founded in 2004. All of the content in the blog is written exclusively by Professor P. Ross S. Wise, who’s been blogging since 2009. This is a motley collection of IT topics that include ITSM, DevOps and Agile. 

Most recent blog – Culture Hack Required!

Doug Tedder Blog 

Doug Tedder’s blog is known for its honest and refreshing take on the ITSM world. An ITIL certified expert and a recognized industry thought leader, Doug is a member of various organizations designed to increase the adoption and implementation of the best practices in the IT industry. The topics covered are wide-ranging. From talking about the human side of IT to collaboration between IT and other departments to the impact of AI on IT, this blog has it all. 

Most recent blog – ITSM is More Than Just Numbers on a Spreadsheet

SITS Insight

In order to be up to date on the happenings in the ITSM sphere, you don’t have to look further than SITS Insight. The Service Desk & IT Support Show, SITS for short, is an annual 2-day exhibition where ITSM suppliers from all over the world meet. Their blog gives you a bird’s eye-view of the current hot topics in the industry at large. You can also find relevant thought pieces and detailed explanation-type posts that will be helpful for all levels in an organization. 

Most recent blog – Working from home and managing anxiety

Pink Elephant Blog

A global IT consulting and training provider for over 40 years, Pink Elephant has established itself as a marquee player in the IT industry for professionals across experience levels. They also conduct conferences, with their silver jubilee slated to be held in Feb 2021. Their blog is enriched with the views of Troy DuMoulin and David Ratcliffe, two giants and active practitioners of the IT industry.  

Most recent blog – ITIL 4 Virtual Team Training – A Case Study

SupportWorld – ThinkHDI

ThinkHDI is a pioneer in the field of IT services and has been a major influencer over the past three decades, mainly through their networking events. It is widely regarded as one of the best in the industry, attracting IT professionals and managers from around the world. Their SupportWorld blog is designed to take you from an novice to an expert in support and services industries. 

Most recent blog – The Most Important Ingredients for a Successful ITSM Tool Implementation


This is a relatively new blog compared to the ones listed above. But, itSMF UK is by no means a youngling. It is a membership association for professionals in the service management industry and has grown into an international network with various chapters sprung around the globe. Their blogs are written from an organizational perspective and not just an IT one. 

Most recent blog – How to manage yourself when home-working


Rounding off our list of the top 10 ITSM blogs is a blog from a well-known ITSM training company, also home to the ITSM Crowd Series. Their blogs are highly focused on the beginners in the industry and aim to disseminate the right kind of information needed for amateurs to become pros in the long run. Being a crowd-sourced platform, any IT professional can contribute meaningful content to their repository. 

Most recent blog – ITIL 4 Lite for FREE, for anyone, anywhere

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this list. Also, do let us know if we missed out on anything. Reach out to me on LinkedIn. 

For now, stay home and stay safe. 

Illustration Courtesy: Harshini Tanneeru

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