The story of a shared meal for $29

We are in that era of the world where “sharing” has become the forever “need of the hour”. No more individual plates of meals. You share your meal with your friend so that both of you get your tummies full and also save cost. No more individual houses. You share land and build your apartment. You share your work with your team to get things done faster. Sharing is good.

While sharing has given wonderful results, why can that not be applied for the tools and technologies that we prey upon? 

The recent Service Desk Institute report states that around 55% of a service desk receives 3% to 12% of calls/requests that aren’t meant for IT services but for other internal departments. Hence, the IT service desk ends up rerouting them to the respective teams. 

This clearly says that an organization has to pave the way not only for the IT request management but also to fulfill the support needs of other internal teams.

Enterprise Service Management is a reality. While we all are living on it, some of us have just not realized it. The words “enterprise”, “management” are quite overwhelming, isn’t it? However, it is just a practice of aligning all the teams together to cater to different types of requests that comes from the end-users.

The goal of providing high-quality employee support suffers when teams such as IT, HR, finance and facilities use an assortment of niche tools to solve issues related to their specific functions. The following are the result of it:

Poor end-user adoption

Companies cannot expect their employees to be familiar with all its service desk tools through which they can raise queries or requests. End-user adoption miserably fails in such cases. Since the employees are left clueless, the satisfaction sees a significant drop. 

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Decline in employee satisfaction:

Any organization’s top priority would be to ensure business continuity. To achieve this, an employee’s wellness and experience in the company needs the utmost attention. Giving employees a scattered experience of multiple tools and channels, instantly affects satisfaction, thereby disrupting business. Teams that support employees have to be woven close enough to quickly collaborate amongst each other and provide solutions to the employees. 

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Supreme waste of time and money

Have you heard of SaaS waste? With helpdesk tools becoming more accessible via the cloud model, companies can easily evaluate and subscribe to one most suitable for them. But this has led to different departments in organizations using different tools instead of one standard helpdesk catering to multiple support requirements. Mismanagement of multiple tools leads to SaaS waste. In general, the teams possibly supporting employees are IT, HR, finance, maintenance, legal, travel, to name a few. And all of these teams aim at giving great support to the employees. However, the teams end up using multiple tools to support employees that result in back and forth transfer of tickets, unwanted integrations between tools, miscommunication of information, etc, resulting in a waste of time and money. 

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Compromised agent productivity

Every team would want to provide the best support to its employees so as to ensure business continuity. However, with the legacy tools and channels, this cannot be achieved. Agents get hit by the poor SLAs when there is too much back and forth transfer of tickets. In cases of queries that need collaboration, agents suffer from the problem of communication and providing the right solution on time. 

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Freshservice, popular for its ITSM capabilities, equally and effortlessly flows into Enterprise Service Management. IT teams using Freshservice is old news. Any internal team like HR, finance, facilities can use Freshservice to support employees. 

Think about this. For the internal teams to support employees, what are all the popular requirements?

Enterprise Service Management is nothing new to any of us. So far, we were eating the meal alone. Try sharing your meal. 


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