What is Task Management?

Task management is the activity of breaking down big projects (like business app development) into manageable smaller tasks and monitoring them throughout their lifecycle. It is a very important cog in the project management wheel that keeps the project rolling forward without disruptions. In task management, the tasks are made into conveniently smaller activities in comparison with the larger scope of project management. These tasks are typically organized with much shorter deadlines in order to meet the intermediate milestones of larger projects. Completion of the task activities will eventually lead to overall project completion.

Check out the accompanying video, from Freshservice, on the positive impact of project management in IT service management. 


Why should you use a task management software for IT Service Management?

When project managers work on large projects (like periodic audits or change rollouts), it is important to have an idea of the scope of the project, keep the stakeholders informed and provide visibility to the entire team working on the project. Your typical whiteboard and sticky notes combo will only go so far in meeting those goals. Having a task management software in place gives you a tailor-made solution while also ensuring that your data is accessible from anytime, anywhere.

Additionally, a task management tool helps to clearly define goals and keeps all the stakeholders in the loop due to increased visibility and transparency in the workflow. With a single platform for both task management and ITSM in Freshservice, it is now possible to get a holistic view of projects with the flexibility to use any method of choice (Aglie, Waterfall or Hybrid). 

Freshservice Task management dashboard

Benefits of using a Task Management Software in an IT project

Single view of all available tasks

Provides a one-stop shop for all task-related information.

Team collaboration

With a single platform for all project-related tasks, everyone is in the loop for important updates.

Track multiple projects

Work across different projects with cross-project task views in Freshservice.

Achieving goals

Easy visibility into the immediate goals and intermediate deadlines shows a project’s progress.

Tracking & monitoring

Time-tracking for individual goals and tracking work across projects becomes seamless.

Who should use an IT task management software?

IT Managers

An IT manager is responsible for the smooth delivery of IT projects and also ensuring they are completed within the budgeted time and cost. They face several challenges when trying to successfully execute a project. There may be long release cycles, information on projects might not be easily available because of a broken integration system and transparency might also be a problem. Most of them stick to using two tools - one for managing the business end and another for managing the software development end.

With a dedicated IT task management tool, they will be able to solve all of these problems in one stroke. Managing ITSM and Project management in one platform, having the flexibility to use agile framework and getting dedicated reports on specified project metrics are some of the benefits of having such a tool.

IT Team

The IT team is the first line of defence when it comes to any and every IT-related issue in the organization. They are responsible for fixing the issues on time and ensuring the smooth running of the hardware and software in the hands of the employees. Having a dedicated IT task management helps avoid manual tasks, increases visibility amongst the team and also promotes collaboration for efficient solving of problems.

IT Task Management features in Freshservice

IT Task Management features in Freshservice

Flexibility in methodology

Decide how to run your projects. Choose from Waterfall, Agile or even a hybrid method.

Freshservice Project management in ITSM
Modern views

Execute projects efficiently while team members can visualize, slice and dice tasks into multiple views.

Freshservice project management modern views
Built-in modules

With modules for test case management and versioning built in, our task management software works truly out of the box!

Freshservice project management test case modules
Reporting & Analysis

Create, schedule and customize reports while tracking all the important project metrics using our intuitive dashboard.

Freshservice Project Management Reporting & Analytics

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Smooth transition for accelerated product adoption.

No cost support

A 24/7 consultative approach rather than a transactional support.

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