Easy to schedule tickets at periodic intervals, set once and receive remainders each time

  • Save time spent on creating similar tickets over and over again.
  • Schedule the task once and have tickets sent to agents automatically at predefined times.
  • Edit schedules if and when required.
  • Increase efficiency and productivity.
Automate your reminders

With all the things that you have to keep track of in your service desk, you are sure to forget one or two of the small repeated tasks that you have to do everyday. Sure, with all the technology at hand, you could set up reminders on your phone or tablet. But isn’t it time your service desk itself took care of it? With Freshservice’s Scheduler, Admins and agents can do just that. Which means that from now on, you don’t miss anything. Not one thing.

Simple to Set & Easy to Use

The smooth-as-silk integration allows you to schedule tasks for agents and set them on repeat mode. Assign rules for each task, & a ticket will be triggered when the parameter matches. As neat as a calligraphy filled notebook. The agents will then receive those tickets at periodic intervals based on the schedule you’ve setup.