Why Do You Need a Service Desk Task Calendar?

Do you get baffled with all the tasks at your hand and find it difficult to manage them? It’s a common occurrence with the IT support team to be flooded with never ending tickets and tasks to be completed, with different level of importance and priority. You need to remember all of them and manage your task accordingly, but how can you achieve it when you are constantly bombarded with some or other tasks demanding your attending?

Freshservice Task Calendar comes up with a simple solution for all your woes. Now you can easily track your backlog and organize your future tasks as soon as you log in to your Freshservice account. Be always in the know-how of every tasks. As soon as the tasks are assigned it gets updated to the calendar saving the manual labour. Just a quick glance at your service desk calendar and you can toggle to view the tasks assigned to you, specific agent or group.

Track all your tasks in one place

Find all your tasks at a centralized location in just one click. Freshservice Tasks Calendar displays the tasks assigned right from the due date, time to weeks and months in your service desk. You can glance through the tasks of specific dates to the entire month calendar as you desire.

Have all the agents and teams in loop

Wondering what your team or associates are upto? Just go to the tasks calendar and check out all the details. You can check the tasks assigned to any of the agents or departments’ and stay in the loop, provided you already have the access. Reduce the chaos and overlapping of tasks when the assigned tasks are perfectly in place and transparent to view.

View tasks assigned in every module

Is it bothering you that you might see only tasks related to a certain module and not of others? Then fret not, tasks calendar displays note and tasks assigned to any tickets- right from incident, problem, change to release. Have a comprehensive note for each tasks. Click on it and get the related task details.

Handle unassigned tasks better

Tasks calendar have unassigned group for display as well. Now you can just click on it and see all the unassigned tasks for the day, week or month. Once you have these details, you can simply click on those task notes and edit the tickets assigning it to a related or free agent during that period. This also gets simpler when you can just view the agents already assigned or due with any task and the ones free during the task period. Assigning tasks was never coordinated and organized this way.

Determine the tasks calendar view access

Freshservice task calendar Ticket Scope defines the task view. As an admin you have the power to decide the access and limitation to view the tasks in the calendar. Global access allows you to view all the tasks in your service desk. With Group access, you can view all the tasks assigned to you and of the groups that you belong. When you don’t want particular agents to access others’ task, you can always give them restricted access, allowing them to view only the tickets assigned to them.

Link to the parent of the tasks

You can anytime visit the tickets of the assigned tasks. The tasks are linked to the parent ticket, making it simpler to keep a tab and make any changes or modification to the tasks. View all the tasks and its related tickets right through your service desk calendar and get your day started.