Plan & preempt your assets’ breakdowns with maintenance software

It’s easy to maintain just a few assets but what is the solution when you have an endless amount of equipment to handle? You need something more than the usual management software. A smart IT helpdesk software can tackle all your CMDB licenses and plan out maintenance before any issue arises.

Freshservice, is designed to preserve and restore your equipment before it breaks down or starts giving any indication to do. It helps you identify, track & tackle the problem before it deteriorates into an emergency.

The best preventive maintenance ensures equipment works and reported before break down

Preventive Maintenance software comes handy when replacing worn components before they actually fail. Schedule recurring tasks when required to keep track of maintenance issues. Get thorough check-ups done at specific periods, keep track of depreciation value and CMDB expenses. It gets easier to know when your equipments needs replacement or repair the worn out before they end up causing you system failure and waste of resources.


How Freshservice Preventive Maintenance software helps?

  • Easily schedule maintenance tasks for assets or locations. Now, have centralized data in the cloud.
  • Generate customized recurring schedules based on different categories for repair & upkeep.
  • Automated ticket generation for maintenance tasks.
  • Financial Management to track your maintenance costs.
  • Keep record of investment and equipment depreciation for future reference.