Uncomplicated, yet an effective ITSM solution

Consider this. On one hand you need to pay a lot and do a lot of work, right from hosting the server, infrastructure, installation to configurations. Not to forget the endless hours spent on all understanding them enough for basic troubleshooting and customizations. On the other hand, you can just sit back and let an online SaaS service handle everything for you, so you can concentrate on just supporting your users. Well, it’s a no brainer, but sometimes we have to spell it out. Which is why you should just use Freshservice online service desk software, a complete ITSM solution. You don’t have to waste your precious time on upgrades, maintenance & what not. It works perfectly for the (smarter) companies who don’t see the point (wisely) in investing on obsolete IT infrastructure when they just don’t have to.

Why choose an online service desk software over on-premise?


Freshservice is a Saas-based solution. We undertake your installation, configuration and maintenance responsibilities. You save a lot of money since we host and maintain all of your IT infrastructure. This ensures your IT resources focus on innovation, optimum performance and security.

Work from Anywhere

Since you no longer remain tied to your server and monitor, you can finally get to work from anywhere you want. This means you can access your service desk even while chilling at home or at your son’s ball game. We want you to go to your son’s ball game.

Smart Service Desk

Freshservice's smart service desk automation eases your workload and saves your time and money, resolves more tickets in shorter span of time. Which means that the quicker responses it entails increases customer satisfaction. The neatest thing ever!