Freshservice for Managed Services Providers

Manage Multiple Customers

Switch to MSP mode within Freshservice without losing any functionality. Add companies that you manage, and associate relevant contacts to a company. Create one or more email inboxes to communicate with your customers. Automatically associate new users with a company, based on their email domains.  

manage multiple customers

Configure Multiple Support Portals

Create multiple portals for your customers, each with a unique URL and a customized user interface. Customize these portals with themes and knowledge base articles specific to each customer.  Enable single sign-on functionality for these portals. Access the tickets created from each of these portals as a consolidated list in the Tickets module.

configure multiple support portals

Provide an Intuitive Service Catalog

Provide your customers with a smart, hassle-free portal, similar to shopping. Categorize your service offerings into relevant service categories. Automate and simplify the request fulfillment process with a workflow automator.

provide an intuitive service catalog copy

Improve Productivity with Apps and Integrations

Freshservice Marketplace (link to the marketplace) supports third-party integrations for time tracking, billing, customer contract hours management, remote assistance, and more.

improve productivity with apps and integrations

The Freshservice Advantage

Easily Customizable Setup

Setup and configure at ease with a modern and intuitive UI that requires minimal or no training.

Multi-Channel Support

Automate tasks and provide support for issues raised via email, self-service portal, phone, chat, or in-person.

Information at your Fingertips

Access all relevant knowledge and information from anywhere, on any device.

The Freshservice Impact on our customers

Trusted by over 100,000 customers