Freshservice's sleek new user management module takes your service desk to the next level

The Healthcare industry, being one of the busiest and most important private/public services demand the most attention and the highest quality of resources to succeed. You know there is no scope for mistakes and nothing less than perfection will work. In such a high risk environment, a systematic workflow that manages time & resources effectively is imperative. There are lives at stake - distressed patients and their relatives approaching for advice, follow up or with some queries. You can’t ignore them or take your own time to respond, not with so much at stake. Even forgetting the times when you would be overburdened with requests or complaints, how are you going to sort through all of them and respond in a short span of time?

What is User Management?

The most important component for any company is to ensure that their ITSM is functioning smoothly and does its basic operations well. The IT help desk software is designed for users to contact IT services whenever any problem arises. In order to make this process simpler, you need a system that can handle your users and deliver the request with a proper workflow.Freshservice User Management takes care of this for you. With various components that make your service desk experience smooth and user friendly.

  • Auto-suggest related solutions when the uAuto-assign tickets to agents
  • Define workflows based on urgency and priority
  • Submit tickets without any login credentials
  • View public solutions without logging
  • Login to your support portal with Google credentials
  • Auto-suggest related solutions when the user creates a new ticket

How Freshervice User Management revamps your Service Desk

Simple way to manage your users: Handpicked the requesters you want to award the privilege of submitting requests to your help desk. Customize and set rules if you want to restrict login to your self-service portal and access the knowledge base and community forums

Easy to Activate

It’s as simple as A-B-C; you just need to visit the portal, register and sign up for the account. An immediate notification will be sent and the account will be activated. You can start logging in and raise tickets right away. The user-friendly interface makes it easier to use the service desk.

Create & Assign groups with roles

Organize agents in groups and start auto assigning tickets on the basis of working hours or holidays. Create different roles, making it simpler to edit access permission for agents.

Configure departments & CAB for approvals

Configure departments and group requesters based on the nature of their job or designation. Classifying tickets can’t get simpler than this. Have a systematic workflow with the Change Advisory Board (CAB) to review and assess all the change requests.

Single Sign on & customize your public customer portal

Wouldn’t you want a system where you don’t have to mess around much and can easily log in or submit a ticket without any complications? Freshservice’s Google SSO enables users to raise a ticket without bothering about login credentials.