Check out Freshservice’s no-hassle time tracking and invoicing capabilities

Service desks are hard work, make no mistake about it. In between all the work that you have to do, you certainly won’t be able to track exactly how much time you are spending on what. And when you really need to know how much time has been spent on what tasks or tickets, this can land you into an god-awful mess that you really don’t want to be in.

And that is why Freshservice has you covered, with comprehensive time tracking capabilities.

Track time spent on each task you complete, or every ticket you work on in your service desk easily. And if you forget to do that, but want the ability to be able to key in time if and when you want to, Freshservice lets you do that as well. You can use the the built-in timer to enter time automatically. That easy!

Generate comprehensive timesheets reports for anything and everything you need

We know that the whole point of having time tracking is the fact that you’ll be able to pull out reports and figure out what indeed is going on in your service desk. And to that end, we have an array of comprehensive, customizable reports that you can pull out and consult whenever you want to. After all, it’s the age of data, why should your service desk be any different?

Bill/send invoices to customers using our integrations

Once you’ve come this far, you’re probably wondering that you would probably like the option to generate some invoices as well, just for good measure. Who are we to deny you that? The Freshservice - QuickBooks integration ensures that you can do exactly that. Go on, dive right in, check it out and tell us what you like the best about it!

Know more about freshservice

Know more about freshservice

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