Service desk solution for DevOps to create a smooth transition from design to operation

IT industry has seen a gradual transformation in its structure in the form of DevOps, with a framework focusing on saving money, resources and delivering scalable software. ITSM leaders have to adapt to the changing trends and strategically alter the existing processes or risk hitting a roadblock or dead end. DevOps is a collaboration between developers and operations, stressing on communication and integration between software developers and IT operations team. The key role of DevOps consist of aligning IT performance and responsiveness to your business and empowering them to get a powerful edge by releasing robust software at a faster pace.

Freshservice helps you in achieving these goals with its strong ITIL-aligned service desk software. Engage your service desk right from the inception of the service lifecycle. Cloud-based ITIL-aligned processes for DevOps accelerates, simplifies and fasten your workload.Start using DevOps practices to implement the exact procedures and functions necessary according to the ITIL-aligned v3 framework to create a smooth transition from design to operation.

Change management

DevOps guide you in tracking changes right from the application to the deployment level. Operate your business efficiently to implement desired changes, conduct change planning and respond to incidents as and when they occur.

Release management

Focus on building a detailed plan and testing the new services before any release or deployment is made. Prep up to ensure that it is conducted in a controlled premises to deal with all possible environment and outcomes.

Configuration management

Understand the interfaces between configuration items to track changes. Verify the right version of the codes are implemented and haven’t undergone any unauthorized changes or technical errors in any form. Tackle the loopholes.

Key Benefits

Dynamic Discovery

Log and track incidents right from the cloud environment to your service desk. Prioritize and assign development task to the right team member.

Periodic Discovery

Evaluate potential threats and reduce risks associated with updates to any complex system. Find the root cause and work around for existing issues.

Auto upgrade

Determine the changes and releases are in agreement with the client’s expectations. Ensure the updated codes are in sync and regulation with the terms agreed.

Incident management

Import physical and virtual assets to your CMDB through auto-discovery like probe and AWS. Track all your hardware and software inventory required for your operations. Improve communication at a hierarchical level and keep everyone in the loop.

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Problem management

DevOps practices automate the repeatable procedures during any deployment. Automated discovery of any configuration items make it easier to update the CMDB. Create automated script that helps in enhancing the deployment. Build a robust workflow to ensure the service lifecycle undergoes proper implementation.

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Service level agreement

DevOps makes it easier to gauge the actions and give immediate responses if the service transition from design to operations have been satisfactory. Use the feedback as a medium for the development team to improve the quality of the next release and reduce cost on disruption.

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