Enhance and collaborate your IT support system with social networking

Freshservice Social IT Management provides you different ways to improve communication, solve problems and decision-making process. It offers you different mediums for monitoring your internal and external social media software right through your service desk. Bring your IT and business together with better communication to create a healthy working atmosphere and seamless workflow. Social IT collaboration focuses on creating social network and building teamwork without any geographical and departmental boundaries. Establish much more effective and efficient communication system within IT, between IT and the enterprise, and IT staff and the end users. This works great wonder for your ITSM to enhance your customer expectations of IT organization and service delivery with a social channel for customer interactions.

Earlier knowledge was shared offline when information and solutions were passed on to the one seeking advice across your desk. Now modern technology has taken over not only our personal but also professional life. Bridge your communication gap with various mode of communication like chat, forums, social network, knowledge base sharing. At an enterprise level, your agents aren’t always going to be free and simultaneously, there will be many trivial issues that will keep cropping up with the end users. You need to sort it out with time efficiency and with added advantage of cost-cutting. This is where Social IT support plays an integral part. Provide a platform on the operational front and let end users help sharing and solving their queries. Build a strong network with end users interacting with IT operation teams and different departments actively coordinating with each other.

Real time Collaboration

Freshservice helps you have your own Social IT network where you can have announcements, discuss issues, solve each other queries, share articles and videos seamlessly. Not just that, other team members have access to it and can post comments and add notes in real time. Follow the thread conversation where you are involved or interested. Get instant notifications when you are mentioned in the discussions. Optimize your It department performance and the technology used in your business.

Build your private groups

Create a team to carry out internal discussions and brainstorming session on a project with the members. Invite concerned people to the dashboard and join the group. Stay connected and in loop to know about the project status at different levels. Have a secure access to conduct private discussions that the external network can’t find.

Social IT Tools

Link third-party integration with your service desk and see the record convert into a ticket, status, notes or knowledge base article right through your workflow system. Agents can provide support and remote assistance directly via social media. Chat and video conferencing enables to understand the issue better with the additional notch of screen-sharing between the agents and users.

Interactive sessions

You can comment on any post, forums, articles, knowledge sharing, incidents and documents. Share your queries or issues that you came across. Not just that you can help in team-building with resolving issues and replying to the posts with workarounds and feedbacks. No longer waiting for the concerned agent only to reply for certain posts. A general issue can be tackled by anyone, even the users who had encountered similar scenario in the past.