IT financial management software

Calculate Book Values of your assets, automatically

Keep a tab on the assets depreciation in your service desk

Do you feel your IT asset management costs are increasing exponentially? You need to keep a tab on the book values of assets constantly. It is difficult even in a smaller organization to maintain the expenses and maintenance figures. This makes ITIL Financial management tool an integral part of your ITAM software. Ensure that you obtain the IT infrastructure at the most effective price and calculate the cost of providing and maintaining the services.

So, why not let Freshservice IT Financial Management software control your service desk costs in an economical manner. It will identify the amount you spent and the necessary steps to be taken to balance the risks and potential losses the service incurred while assessing the impacts.

Calculate the depreciation

Find out the depreciation value of your assets over a period of time. Freshservice IT financial management process allows you calculate depreciation in three modes - declining balance, straight line, sum-of-years-digit method.

Salvage Value

You would want to keep a track of your assets shelf-life. Define the salvage value based on the estimation upon its sale at the end of its useful period. This value is used to determine the depreciation amount and deductions in the actual value.

Know the vendors like back of your hand

Associate the vendors alongside the CIs cost estimate and description. It becomes easier to connect with the vendors whenever there is short of supply and you are trying to cross check for the asset values purchased. Systematic, isn’t it?

Key Benefits

Record your purchase cost

Do you want to know the cost estimate of the existing assets for your future reference or while evaluation process? It’s as simple as it can get. As soon as you update your assets in the CMDB, add record of your purchase cost. This proves handy in the long run.

Keep tab of every expense

Wouldn’t you want to keep a tab of the expenses you incurred for every assets? Freshservice IT Financial management process allows you to share the amount you spent on maintenance and renewal. Every data and details are now just a click away at your disposal.

Easy to measure value of every assets

We make it easier to measure the value of every IT services you provide. Let our financial management tools help you calculate the financial value of IT services you provide. You can link the vendors, edit the values and costs to help you understand your service desk finances better.