Intelligent service desk software for all your IT requirements

Modern consumers are becoming increasingly intolerant of antiquated, unintuitive systems and their lack of depth and maturity. Keeping up with rising expectations requires a modern & intelligent platform that aligns with industry best practices (ITIL) to achieve faster time to value with powerful workflow and process automation capabilities. Freshservice ensures this with a modern, mature and intelligent platform.

Empower your end-users

More often than not, the IT agents are weighed down with trivial issues and redundant requests from the end-users. Having an enriched knowledge base in Freshservice can help agents eliminate noise and focus more on critical issues.

Streamline service requests

With a universal service catalog in Freshservice, the end-users can pick and choose the services required with ease. End-users will find it easy to select required services with an experience modelled after an e-commerce website.

Efficiently manage change

With an end-to-end Change Management module, one can manage and deploy changes throughout its lifecycle, with ease. Automating change approvals, managing daily change tasks, deploying change, or rolling it back as part of a contingency plan can be effortlessly done.

The Freshservice Advantage

Automate with ease

Repetitive tasks and manual processes that your IT team performs can be automated with the simple drag and drop action of workflow automator.

Effective multi-channel support

Record, track and prioritize IT issues with ease and provide support for issues raised through the channel of choice, whether email, self-service portal, phone, chat, or in person.

Move from reactive to proactive ITSM

Your IT team can move from providing reactive ITSM to proactive ITSM with the help of Freshservice's Problem Management feature by identifying and eliminating recurring issues.