Maintaining your CMDB gets simpler with automated hardware inventory management

An ITSM service desk will help you keep all the updated information about the software and hardware used across the organization. The administrators need to maintain the CMDB but it’s more likely to cause errors with all the manual compilations. An automated hardware inventory tool that periodically scans all the assets and gathers all the required details will be the perfect answer for you.

Freshservice hardware inventory software helps you track all the source machines installed and manage your devices and servers throughout the hardware life-cycle. You can perform rapid network inventory and get instant summary and detailed reports. Wait, there’s more! You can have your CIs scanned bypassing the different firewalls or login credentials when you are on the move.

Freshservice Hardware Inventory Management software focuses on

Hardware inventory scanning

Scan the windows desktops/servers in the network periodically to collect the inventory and store the details in CMDB. Scan at regular intervals and configure to meet real-time needs sans manual intervention.

Track Assets & Plan IT changes

Track your IT asset inventory changes easily. Plan changes, releases and workaround accordingly. Easy to update configurations and physical locations of each hardware asset.

Manage hardware cycle

Track IT hardware through a centralized system even if items exist in multiple different locations. Automate your entire IT asset life-cycle.

Asset Discovery

Each time a CI is added, the hardware inventory tool scans and adds them to the CMDB in real-time. They are categorized into Discovery Probe that comes with a firewall. The Discovery Agent is not affected by any window setting and scans all the machines, even those not connected with the servers. It requires no authentication from user.

Key Benefits

Dynamic Discovery

Log and track incidents right from the cloud environment to your service desk. Prioritize and assign development task to the right team member.

Periodic Discovery

Evaluate potential threats and reduce risks associated with updates to any complex system. Find the root cause and work around for existing issues.

Auto upgrade

Determine the changes and releases are in agreement with the client’s expectations. Ensure the updated codes are in sync and regulation with the terms agreed.

Incident management

Import physical and virtual assets to your CMDB through auto-discovery like probe and AWS. Track all your hardware and software inventory required for your operations. Improve communication at a hierarchical level and keep everyone in the loop.

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Problem management

DevOps practices automate the repeatable procedures during any deployment. Automated discovery of any configuration items make it easier to update the CMDB. Create automated script that helps in enhancing the deployment. Build a robust workflow to ensure the service lifecycle undergoes proper implementation.

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Service level agreement

DevOps makes it easier to gauge the actions and give immediate responses if the service transition from design to operations have been satisfactory. Use the feedback as a medium for the development team to improve the quality of the next release and reduce cost on disruption.

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