Gmail gadget linked to your service desk saves time spent on switching tabs

Does it bother you that each time a requester sends an email, you have to switch tabs to your service desk? Why bother, when you can manage everything right through your email. All that the existing customers need to do is link Freshservice with the Google marketplace app. What more, you can add the widgets to all the sub-domain emails. Once you setup the Freshservice Gmail gadget, all your agents in your service desk can see the widget in their incoming mails.As soon as the agents receive an email from the requester addressing any issue, you can create ticket or view the status right through the Gmail widget. But, you can’t change or edit any details directly. Link these email requests directly to your service desk and save time spent on switching between different tabs.

How does Freshservice Gmail Gadget works

Create Ticket

As soon as requesters send an email, the Google gadgets integration allows agent to automatically create a tickets, view the requester’s recent tickets and details, right through the widget.

Recent Tickets

You are the person who knows your needs best. Which is why you need the customization option that allows you to play around with the software. Create a template that suits your business requirement, add and assign rules, set the performance standard for your support team with the SLA & you are good. Determine the time within which agents should respond and resolve tickets on the basis of ticket priorities.


Find out the requesters details, if already added to your service desk. You can create a new requester account if it doesn’t exist already. Just fill in the details in the required field and save changes. The requester immediately gets added to your service desk.