Business value of Freshservice

A better way to onboard new employees
Keep everyone in the know with a unified employee portal
Take control of your time with powerful workflow automations

A better way to onboard new employees

Cut new employee chaos and bring process clarity with digitised onboarding

Help new employees become productive from day 1 with synchronised orchestration. Bring IT, facilities and hiring managers on the same page with cross-functional onboarding workflows. Easily set up and manage associated tasks and approvals, coordinate across multiple teams with all the necessary information, tools and access. Go from siloed operations and multiple conversations to becoming a single collaborative unit to improve visibility and reduce onboarding friction. 

Keep employees in the know with a single source of truth for all things HR

Trim ad-hoc and repetitive requests by bringing everyone on the same page

Help employees to help themselves, anytime and on any device. Set up an HR portal to centralise request management and allow employees to submit HR requests from any device, through any channel. Receive, categorise and prioritise requests with preset rules. Consolidate all HR related applications for employees to login and use, without having to depend on your HR department. Create a library of FAQs on leave policies, health insurance, benefits and more to promote employee self-service.

Take control of your time with powerful workflow automations

Reduce room for error and gain control over your time

Automate the trivial many HR tasks to allow your team to better focus on the vital few initiatives. Eliminate time wasted on manual and menial tasks by using digital workflows to guide work through the process. Build preset rules for tasks, approvals and make work flow. Leverage marketplace integrations to key HRM tools like Workday and more to digitise processes from start to finish. Let automated workflows do the heavy lifting for you while you focus on business-critical HR initiatives. 

Protect employee information 


Protect classified information with the security capabilities of a helpdesk

Ensure that only relevant people can view, edit, add or delete certain data. Acknowledge employees’ personal data and build employee trust. Ensure data privacy with custom access rights and controls across all employee information entered and viewed within the organization. Configure and define role-based access to all data and documents with customizable security protocols and access settings.

Manage work, not software 

Say no to a lengthy, complex implementations and extensive training

Use a helpdesk that gets the job done without you having to break a sweat. Get your helpdesk up and running with zero coding effort. Reduce IT dependencies with hassle-free maintenance, zero downtime and minimal training. Self-configure new workflows to adapt to changing business processes with preset templates and visuals workflows. With a modern, intuitive user experience, focus on your work, not the software. 

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