Business value of Freshservice

Always be audit-ready 
Resolve requests faster with complete context
Standardise financial request management

Be audit-ready always 

Create an auditable trail of work for internal accountability and external auditors

Move your work from lengthy emails to a helpdesk and automate processes so that your team doesn't have to work on repetitive tasks. Automate and centralise key financial processes like approvals to ensure you are always audit ready. Maintain an up-to-date system of record for financial requests, approvals, add relevant stakeholders. With structured workflows and documented tasks, notes and other details, easily know and document why decisions were made. With robust reporting, identify process bottlenecks and improve resolution times with data-driven insights.

Resolve financial requests faster with complete context

Give your team complete context to process financial requests in a timely manner

Efficiently capture relevant information, needed for timely resolution of financial requests and claims. Deploy a service catalog to collect structured information upfront and reduce time spent in collecting and clarifying details over lengthy email threads. Automate your workflows and approval processes so that your team can resolve requests faster and better. 

Standardise financial request management 

Reduce repetitive, ad-hoc requests and bring everyone on the same page

Standardise and centralise request management with a request portal. Create a catalog of financial services to centralise request management and route incoming requests to relevant teams. Standardise information and reduce walk-ins and repetitive requestsby publishing FAQs around tax, salary and other common queries on the portal. Broadcast important announcements on the portal and keep everyone informed at all times. 

Strengthen data confidentiality 

Protect classified information with the security capabilities of a help desk

Ensure that only relevant people can view, edit, add or delete certain data. Acknowledge employees’ personal data and build employee trust. Ensure data privacy with custom access rights and controls across all employee information entered and viewed within the organization. Configure and define role-based access to all data and documents with customisable security protocols and access settings. 

Manage work, not software 

Say no to complex implementations and extensive training

Use a helpdesk that gets the job done without you having to break a sweat. Get your helpdesk up and running with zero coding effort. Reduce IT dependencies with hassle-free maintenance, zero downtime and minimal training. Self-configure new workflows to adapt to changing business processes with preset templates and visuals workflows. With a modern, intuitive user experience, focus on your work, not the software. 

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