Your business teams will love Freshservice

Efficient business operations

Lower administrative burden and raise operational efficiencies. Help business teams stay on top of their game with a helpdesk that does the heavy lifting

Connected collaborative business

Build transparency and foster a culture of collaboration. Connect your geographically distributed organisation with a single pane of glass

Delightful employee experiences

Deliver easy, reliable and intuitive services to build a great workplace experience. Equip employees with intuitive tools that make it easy to get work done

Give your business teams a 360 degree view of their operations

Create an auditable trail of work for better accountability and visibility into the business performance

Cut the chaos in endless email threads and move to automated workflows. Maintain a system of record to track number of incoming requests, pending approvals and receive status updates through the various stages of the business process. With simple “drag and drop” commands, let workflows do the heavy lifting of guiding work through different stages. Embed tasks and subtasks, trigger automated approvals and review requests to ensure process governance. Identify bottlenecks to meet SLAs and deliver business efficiencies with data-driven insights. 

Reduce business friction by bringing all teams and tools in one place

Eliminate repetitive questions and trim ad-hoc requests by bringing everyone on the same page

Make information sharing easy and connect siloed teams with a unified portal. Set up an organisation-wide portal and allow employees to submit requests through multiple channels. Deflect repetitive requests, speed up resolution times and improve access to apps, systems and more—all from one central place. Scale internal support with self-service offerings. Host FAQs, manuals and company policies on the internal portal and allow teams to find all the information they need without any dependencies.  

Give your business teams a helpdesk software that doesn't get in the way

Deliver business value with a helpdesk that gets the job done without having to break a sweat

Equip your business teams with a helpdesk that is quick to setup and easy-to-use. Reduce IT dependencies with hassle-free maintenance, zero downtime and minimal training. Easily configure new workflows to adapt to changing business processes with preset templates and zero code. With codeless configurations and a growing marketplace of integration and extensions, extend and customise the service desk based on growing evolving business needs. Create a digital workplace for business teams and deliver modern experiences.

A modern helpdesk for business teams 

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