Seamlessly Integrate and Store Everything on the Cloud

Wary of hosting servers and switching between multiple tools in different locations? You need something reliable to provide reliable data and automated workflows. Here is where cloud service desk software has filled a void. More and more enterprises have started opting for cloud based software over on-premise versions.


Why Choose Cloud service desk software over On-Premise

The most important component for any company is to ensure that their ITSM is functioning smoothly and does its basic operations well. The IT help desk software is designed for users to contact IT services whenever any problem arises. In order to make this process simpler, you need a system that can handle your users and deliver the request with a proper workflow.
Freshservice User Management takes care of this for you. With various components that make your service desk experience smooth and user friendly.


  • No or limited capital expenditure
  • Multiple locations with server on the cloud
  • Easy configuration and customization
  • Scalable and systematic workflow
  • Automated service desk
  • No worries about storage limits

Why you need Freshservice cloud service desk?

Freshservice SaaS helps you save you thousands of dollars which might be going down the drain with your current or almost non-existent help desk.

Flexible cloud-based ITSM

Embed Freshservice’s one-touch service on your Android or iOS smartphone and use your cloud based service desk on the go. Add as many agents you require; assign tasks, monitor your agents and CI in just a few clicks. Get unlimited storage on the cloud with no hardware restrictions to boggle you down.

Multichannel & Go mobile

Access and maintain your help desk from anywhere. You can use your SaaS service desk through different portals without any hiccups. You don’t have to rely on hosted servers or different integrations or applications to get your work running. You can even keep your data secure with periodic backups .

Cost effective

Freshservice is cost effective, simple and efficient to use. You don’t have to invest in hosting, installing, configuration or any kind of infrastructure. Everything is available on the cloud. Save your valuable time and resources when you use Freshservice; eliminate all the unnecessary things your incompetent service desk makes you do.