Slack + Freshservice projects = contextual collaboration

Covid fundamentally disrupted the modern workplace in a way that no technological innovation ever has. Yet despite the initial acceleration of digital transformation initiatives, we’re still burdened by the legacy of the “old way”— work about work.


Work about work – the activities that take time away from meaningful work, including communicating about work, searching for information, switching between apps, and following up on the status of work.


According to the Anatomy of Work Index, an average employee switches between 10 tools up to 25 times per day. This level of app switching makes it challenging for team members to prioritize and execute work. In fact, 27% of workers say they miss context when switching between apps.

Businesses around the world are changing rapidly. From the rise of remote and flexible work to the ways organizations communicate internally, many aspects of work look different today than they did just a few years ago.

With the advent of modern-age collaboration tools like Slack, the way people have worked has completely changed. The messaging app challenging email recently has hit ~12 million daily active users shows how much employees love to collaborate on Slack.

Even when it comes to managing IT projects, agents prefer Slack as a channel for collaboration because of its ease of use.

In today’s always-on digital workplace for newly distributed teams, adding more apps in an attempt to recreate the physical office is having unintended consequences.

While maybe your whole company is communicating on Slack, including IT teams; agents typically spend more time on ITSM tools like Freshservice since that’s the place where they complete projects and tasks, resolve tickets, and much more.

It’s a cognitive load for the agents to switch between Freshservice and Slack since they could lose the context of a particular task.

Moreover, when an agent is involved in multiple IT projects and tasks, it’s cumbersome for them to search slack regularly to get the context.

What they need is a flexible solution where they can discuss a project task, with the context in place and regardless of the tool they are using.

Introducing two-way contextual collaboration within projects

Your IT agents can now seamlessly collaborate on their project tasks with context from the tool of their choice, either Slack or Freshservice. Messages sent on Slack get synced to Freshservice and vice versa thus providing the agents much-needed flexibility to have conversations, wherever they are.

Here’s an overview of what the module empowers you to achieve:

Collaborate Easily – Create a new Slack channel or link an existing channel, while creating a new project in Freshservice

Discuss and manage tasks – View the entire conversation either in Slack or Freshservice based on your preferences

Collaborate with context –  See your Task Status, Priority, End Date, and Assignee, within Slack

Keep projects on track – Get in-app notifications on your Freshservice instance to ensure your projects are on track.

If your team is already using Slack, why not bring your Freshservice projects into the tool too?

Combine the power of Slack and Freshservice in one place to reduce the mental load of your team and let them focus on things that matter.

With the newly built enhancements, you can reduce barriers for efficient support.

If you’re already using new-gen project management in Freshservice, here is a getting started guide for contextual collaboration.

Want to check out all the project enhancements within Freshservice? Sign up for a free trial today.

Cover image: Srinivasan Dhotre

Video design: Ram Gopal

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