Service Level Agreement

Define, Measure & deliver SLA

Why do you Need Service Level Management?

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) policy helps you create a set of performance standards for your support team and avoid any sort of confusion with regards to the deliverance. With Freshservice Service Level Management, you can set up SLA policies determining the timeframe within which the agents should respond to, and resolve tickets based on its priority level. Control the way your agent works everyday, map out the tickets they need to focus in a given order. At the same time, users never like to be kept waiting too long for a fix or an update. The intuitive UI and simple visual cues make it simpler for users to ensure that they don’t encounter any problem figuring out what they need.

Create Multiple SLA Policies

You can define SLA targets for each ticket priority and get your support system running efficiently. Freshservice makes sure to set multiple SLA policies triggering specific conditions like department, group, source, type. Decide the importance of ticket levels based on different criterion. Set up different SLA based on different scenarios and toggle them On or Off as you desire.

Create multiple SLA policies to define target for each team
Set Escalation when the tickets are not resolved or violated
Issues still not resolved, Escalate before it gets too late

Keep a Plan B ready in case the due date is lapsed or SLA is violated. You don’t want to be in a soup for not adhering to the SLA. Hence, we have automated escalation rules built-in to notify specific agents, after a specified period, about SLA Violation or ticket not responded on time. Not just that, you can set escalation hierarchy when a ticket is not resolved in time.

Working on Multiple Time Zones, Different Business Hours

It’s easy to set your SLA based on a default calendar hours or business hours. But what when your support teams are working across different regions, times or multiple time-zones? It becomes difficult to manage the working hours of each group in such situation. Each group and department work at a different time, so we provide you a simple way to align your SLA timers with those specific groups business hours for each team. What more, you can also set up holidays and weekly off time to make the process even smoother.

Create multiple time zones when your support system works for different business hours