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Freshservice Features Service Desk Mobile App

Manage IT changes from anywhere

Resolve tickets anytime, anywhere, and improve your non-desk productivity using the Freshservice mobile app. Users and agents can stay connected while on the move using their mobile devices.

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Control end-to-end ticket lifecycle from the app

Get instant information about a ticket, create or edit tickets, pick-up/assign unallocated tickets or resolve tickets on the go. Stay organized by viewing all pending tasks and notifications easily and managing all requests efficiently.

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Speed up approval requests

Using the Freshservice app, send instant alerts for approvals. Approvers can view the details and approve (or reject) it in a matter of seconds, speeding up the process.

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Track assets on-the-go

Track and manage all the assets throughout their lifecycle, on the go. Add assets to the system manually or scan QR codes, barcodes and OCR. With the Freshservice app manage all your assets, as well as all the tickets associated with it, dynamically and easily.

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