One size doesn’t fit all

Is your IT service management solution right-sized for your needs?


Investing in an ITSM solution that’s too sophisticated for your business may seem like a forward-looking decision initially, but it starts to cost you too much, too fast. It is hard to configure, creates external dependencies, and is hard for agents to control and work. Over time, the ITSM tool only incurs steep costs while delivering little to no value. What you’re left with is a low-yield, costly Bentley rusting in your backyard.

Instead, choose a solution that scales as you grow to fit the changing business needs while catering to your current stage of IT maturity. Right-size your ITSM to make sense for you, now. Here's how organizations of all sizes moved their IT operations to Freshservice to enjoy the benefits of reduced upfront capex, improved ROI, shorter payback period, speedy deployments, and greater IT agility.

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A low total cost of ownership compared to legacy systems

Cost-saving sources of right-sizing ITSM
  • Savings from retiring legacy systems

  • Service agent productivity

  • End-user productivity gains

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Benefit TWO

Improved end-user experience & productivity gains 

End-user gains from right-sizing ITSM
  • Omni-channel service delivery

  • Intuitive UI

  • Intelligent self-service

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Benefit THREE

Improved service agent productivity

Agent productivity gains from right-sizing ITSM
  • Drag-and-drop workflows

  •  Smart automations

  • Knowledge base

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Benefit Four

Chatbots & automation for intelligent self-service

Staying ahead of the curve by right-sizing ITSM
  • Context-aware chatbots

  •  Easy and quick deployment 

  • Automation capabilities

  • Chatbot readiness

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Benefit FIVE

Award-winning implementation and unrivaled customer onboarding model

Know more about the Freshworks’ Direct Partnership Model designed to provide a holistic value assurance approach to customer onboarding

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