Challenges that evolve with organizational growth are ones most companies welcome. Adding more employees means more investments in space, equipment, and maintenance, which demands to have a dependable and efficient facilities management. 

Facilities managers are often swamped with repeat calls and this makes it a challenge to prioritize and solve issues. To provide better support, facilities management needs to have customer interaction under control, and Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is the solution for this. 

ESM has redefined IT, making it the key to business transformation. ESM in facilities management helps to build a service-oriented business by centralizing and coordinating the efforts of an organization’s facilities management team for more efficient and consistent management. 

Download the whitepaper to learn how to solve the challenges of facilities management with ESM in Freshservice.

Insights from this whitepaper

  • What is Facilities Management?

  • Challenges of Facilities Management

  • Solution through ESM

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