2021 needs no introduction, it never will. The history books will testify that 2021, unequivocally, has been another year of seismic change. Change in how we live, change in how we work, change in how as a society; we interact. The use of the term society there, also extends to the organisations we are part of in our working life. So what has 2021 meant for us, the IT support and service management workers? What has 2021 meant for our roles and responsibilities, our work-life harmony, our emotional wellbeing and our skills needs? How has Covid 19 accelerated the facets of IT support and service management workers' lives. 



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Freshworks teamed up with the Service Desk Institute to bring you a research report, which will present and interrogate the thoughts and predictions of the people who work in IT service management and support. The research data helps to paint a concise picture of what has happened to support services and IT workers over the past 12 to 18 months, understand how they have coped with such significant change, and what they expect throughout 2022.



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