Digital transformation and initiatives lead to new projects within organizations. Seamless business operation is a gift for businesses to improve productivity.  Businesses undergo transitions on a regular basis that differ in risk and impact. It is vital to streamline this process to keep these two factors in control.

ITIL Change management is essential for businesses to implement changes smoothly and maintain the current working state. Change management works closely with other ITIL modules such as Incident management, problem management, configuration management to manage infrastructure and Configuration Items. This delivers better context and consistency so that change team can be proactive in avoiding any potential failure. Implementing a change is a costly affair thus change management ensures everything is in control and even if something goes wrong, the damage is minimal.

What you'll get out of this Ebook
  • ITIL Change Management

  • Change Management Process flow

  • Types of Changes

  • Use cases for ITIL Change Management

  • Integration with other modules 

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