In increasingly crowded business environments, companies must lean on technology to bolster employee engagement and have a competitive edge. A study sponsored by Freshworks, with Harvard Business Review, reveals, 77% of organizations believe employees will consider a  new employer if they do not have access to the tools, technology, and information needed to do their jobs. 

One important weapon SMBs can wield to increase ROI and effectiveness is initiating Service Management within their small team(s) - across every function and not just the IT department. SMBs have employees demanding their attention and ITSM platforms are how they gain the ability to put their employees first and earn loyalty from their workforce, customers, and other stakeholders.

Insights from this eBook: 

  •      6 scenarios where SMBs can extend the service desk to their teams

  •      5 capabilities to consider for ITSM implementation

  •      5 ways Freshservice provides flexibility to agents across all        departments




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