• Lack of customizable reporting
  • Inability to track CSAT
  • Lack of customer care portal
  • Need for cloud based service
  • Service catalogues
  • Gamification
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Reporting

About Trapeze

Trapeze provides software solutions and services like scheduling and dispatch to transportation agencies to help them manage their business operations more efficiently. Trapeze works with a number of industry vendors in order to provide these service solutions. Freshservice helped Trapeze strengthen their support services and achieve a CSAT of over 75%.


Prior to a split in its business verticals, Trapeze was using Servicewise as its IT helpdesk solution, which was not agile and highly difficult to customize. Apart from that the management were unable to set internal KRAs. After the expansion, the requirement from an IT Helpdesk software had widened at Trapeze and Anuj Johri, the IT Manager handling a team of 8 employees, wanted a solution which would require limited manpower for development and deployment at Trapeze’s end. He wanted a solution which is highly customizable and one which would enable customized reporting apart from fulfilling below priorities:

  • Measurement of CSAT scores for tracking improvement in customer service
  • Launching a customer care portal

Solution we provided

With 24 x 7 email support and 24 x 5 phone support from Freshservice, Trapeze found the response time from Freshservice as per its needs. Any customization requirements were easily understood and implemented well within the required time frame. Freshservice’ simple and easy to use user interface enabled the employees to use the self-service portal to solve the issues themselves thus reducing the workload on IT support agents. Now the company is able to measure CSAT scores and improve on its service. The SLA compliance can also be measured and evaluated. The work done by agents in now quantified, which helps the IT Manager, Anuj Johri to justify his team’s headcount. This has resulted in the IT team in being rated as one of the best teams in the organization this year.

“‘There has not been any time when Freshservice has had an outage or is not available for more than half an hour and is able to handle the peak ticket volumes of 1500 a month without any outage’”

Anuj Johri

IT Manager



FAQ and Self Help Service Catalogue feature in Freshservice has played a considerable role in reducing the ticket volumes from 1000 a month to around 600 a month on average. This has reduced the workload of duplicate and trivial enquiries on IT support agents and helped them efficiently dedicate their time towards more critical and priority issues.

Trapeze has also seen 15% decrease in ticket volume since the launch of Knowledge base articles. Freshservice knowledge base makes it easy to include the solution directly into the ticket instead of getting on a WebEx or phone call with the customer. The highly robust and accurate search features of the Knowledge base also helps agents quickly search and identify the best solution for issues raised by users.

Delivering faster solutions to critical enquiries has helped IT Support team at Trapeze to achieve a CSAT score of over 75%. The company plans to further strengthen their IT Support Team and achieve a score of 80% CSAT.

CSAT Score - Above 75%
Time taken to resolve a recurring issue 10 hours 5 hours
Average time spent by agents on a ticket 9 hours 4 hours
Level 1 Service request completion time - 75%