Information Technology



  • Manage SLAs
  • Exhibit control over SLAs
  • Record all service requests
  • Prioritize service requests
  • Workflow automations
  • Mobile application
  • Clean design
  • Excellent user interface

Tickets managed BEFORE 


Tickets managed NOW



TCSI-DIGIBÉRIA is an IT integration company providing a wide range of hardware services and software solutions. The company is an established name in Portugal for providing virtualization solutions and information protection for more than 25 years. Reseller for HPE, Dell EMC and VMware, TCSI-DIGIBÉRIA offers value-added services including consulting, implementation, management and integration to support the whole lifecycle of IT companies.

Goal (Challenge):

Having a team of 40 members, the team was consistently striving towards maintaining their SLA’s. TCSI-DIGIBÉRIA’s primary goal of implementing Freshservice was to streamline service desk operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

Prior to using Freshservice, the support team was using the PHC ERP tool. The tool posed challenges in meeting the service level agreements. The company needed a simple and robust tool to:

  • Maintain consistent control over SLAs
  • Demonstrate control over SLAs to the end customer to strengthen their confidence in company’s capabilities and manage service requests more effectively
  • Manage intuitive workflows for eg. how agents receive and respond to a request

TCSI-DIGIBÉRIA’s support team led by Ricardo Sliva, Chief Technical Services Officer, started evaluating various Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) tools such as Freshservice, ServiceNow, Salesforce and HP Service Anywhere. After several rounds of evaluation, Ricardo zeroed in on

Freshservice since it provided:

  • A ready to use solution which could help achieve the implementation timelines
  • Integration with phone
  • MSP environment with plugins which offered flexibility to respond timely to external and internal requests.

Solution we provided

“Go-live was fast and sooner than we expected. The Freshservice team offered innovative solutions to critical issues. Productive discussions with the team made the experience good. Overall, the implementation was great.”

joao faria 2x
Joao Faria


Support & Service Manager

Freshservice is used by 34 members of the support team on a daily basis to record, manage and resolve service requests. The team uses incident management, change management and problem management features in the solution. Freshservice, being an easy to use solution, allows the end customer to keep their interaction simple with incidents and service requests.

Key features utilized by TCSI-DIGIBÉRIA customer support team include:

  • Automation rules to assign tickets to the right team. Customer support team at TCSI-DIGIBÉRIA is structured based on their capabilities to provide different levels of support. Freshservice’s automation rules help streamline the whole process of ticket allocation to specific support teams.
  • APIs are used extensively to integrate Freshservice with existing ERP systems and generate reports. Agents do not have to open multiple tools and can manage their support operations through Freshservice.
  • Reporting and Dashboards

TCSI-DIGIBÉRIA’s customer support team embraced Freshservice with ease. It has helped the agents manage ticket queues efficiently. Assigning priority to a ticket has facilitated faster responses.

Demonstrating an interesting use case scenario, TCSI-DIGIBÉRIA’s field support agents also use Freshservice to record tickets while on-the-move. Field agents register a new ticket, provide a resolution and record the same when at the client location. This facilitates field support intervention at the client location and allows the agent to work remotely yet record their accountability. It motivates the agents to register every ticket as well as demonstrates the robust customer support process structure to the end customer.

“Freshservice team understands our needs and works with us as a partner who helps us provide better service to our customer. Freshservice has an incredible support team and a great solution. We are glad we chose Freshservice.”

ricardo silva 2x
Ricardo Silva

Chief Technical Services Officer



Key qualitative benefits observed by TCSI-DIGIBÉRIA include:

  • Record every service request handled by an agent, including the field support agents.
  • Improvement in ticket management – the team observed transformational change in ticket handling after using Freshservice.
  • Improvement in productivity - Simplicity of the portal saves time and has helped the agents to improve their productivity.
  • Decrease in response time – Agents prioritise services requests, manage the ticket queues more efficiently and provide faster response.
  • Demonstrate robust service capabilities to end customer and enhance their faith in the company.

After implementation of Freshservice, Ricardo observed an increase in the number of requests registered from 300 to 1500, and the same was efficiently responded to within the committed SLAs.

Ricardo, adds, “For us, it was totally unbelievable to see the change happening in our workability. There was a tangible improvement regarding reduced time to respond and the number of requests being handled.” In future, the company plans to integrate asset management and use customised reporting templates.