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IT Support

  • Lack of centralized visibility on incident management
  • Expensive & lengthy implementation 
  • Manual & erroneous employee onboarding
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  • Out-of-box ITIL capabilities
  • Mobile app
  • Employee onboarding module
About T2 Tea

T2 Tea, a subsidiary of Unilever, sells specialty tea and teawares from around the globe. Founded in 1996, the company identified a gap in the retail tea market and went on to transform the tea industry in Australia. With over 100 different teas and tisanes to deliver, T2 now has circa 100 stores across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom, and the United States, as well as a global web presence and a wholesale distribution strategy.


Lack of Context Delayed Resolutions

T2 had relied heavily on outsourced IT support in the past. This outsourcing approach led to a lack of visibility into incidents and importantly, problems. Strategically, the team needed an in-house support structure instead of relying on 3rd parties. It was important for the Technology Team at T2 to realise value quickly from its service desk. After evaluating multiple vendors including Jira, Ivanti, and ServiceNow, for its IT service management, T2 realised that most vendors took weeks or months to implement new capabilities, thereby stalling the growth plans T2 had. Rohan Penman, Global Head of Technology, T2, said: “Speed to deploy was our primary focus and we couldn’t roll out those solutions in an agile manner.”

At T2, managing service requests wasn’t its only concern. The new employee onboarding experience was highly manual. When a new employee joined the company, the HR Team and hiring managers had to send a notification by email to the Technology Team to assign necessary hardware and software assets to the newcomer. This process was error-prone and inefficient as the new employee often ended up with incomplete hardware assets or missing software applications on their first day.


Enabling Faster IT Service with Freshservice

With a structured implementation and onboarding process, the Technology Team at T2 immediately aligned Freshservice to its business processes and streamlined its incident and problem management. T2 Tea also scaled Freshservice with its parent brand’s retail operations at Unilever. The teams then combined their accounts to consolidate ITSM and integrate service delivery where appropriate. Rohan Penman added, “Once we built the MSP mode in Freshservice, it was a no-brainer. The team of experts at Freshservice offered advisory services and their ongoing support greatly expedited the onboarding process.” Freshservice dramatically improved agent productivity with its easily configurable self-service portal. This made it simple for employees to look up solutions before raising tickets. The Freshservice mobile app also enabled the support team to work remotely and assign/respond to tickets, after-hours.

To increase new employee productivity from day one, the Employee Onboarding module connected managers, HR personnel and IT team onto one platform. This enabled line managers to capture all necessary requests like laptops, phones, and SIM cards, accurately. These requests would then be automatically assigned to the respective teams for action. Rohan Penman, commented, “The Employee Onboarding module in Freshservice was pretty huge for us. We now deliver a great technology starting point effortlessly to new team members joining the T2 family.”

Next Steps: Delivering Digital Transformation with Freshworks

Technology is a huge part of how T2 Tea delivers a refreshing experience to its customers. The T2 team is currently evaluating Freshrelease, Freshworks’ agile project management tool for digitizing its software development sprint boards. They plan on integrating the tool with Freshservice to seamlessly work in conjunction with other ITIL processes. Freshrelease will provide T2 with a holistic view of agile sprints, tasks, commonly reported bugs, problems, and their associated incidents to deliver quicker resolutions, thereby improving the overall IT service experience. 


“Once we built the MSP mode in Freshservice, it was a no-brainer. The team of experts at Freshservice offered advisory services and their ongoing support greatly expedited the onboarding process.”

Rohan Penman

Global Head of Technology

T2 Tea