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IT & Facility Management

  • Inability to track issues
  • No SLA management
  • Adhoc structure of IT support management
  • Absence of any past records
  • Automation Rules
  • Easily Customizable Forms
  • Service Catalog

About Synpulse

Synpulse, a 21 year old globally established management consulting company, offers strategic consulting to financial services companies and other organizations enabling them to generate higher business value. Freshservice, a cloud based ITSM solution, proved right fit for Synpulse by helping them define a stable IT support structure in the company which helped them achieve 75% customer satisfaction.


Prior to Freshservice, IT support specialists resolved customer requests manually. The complete process right from the raising of an issue to the resolution was manual with repeated instances of no records of the resolved issues. In order to stabilize the IT infrastructure, manage support ticketing processes, troubleshoot any desktop issues, and account issues etc., the Synpulse team decided to identify a customer service solution which streamlines organization’s support workflows. 
Synpulse IT Support team faced following challenges in absence of a structured support system in the company:

  • Inability to track issues
  • No SLA management
  • Manual processes of raising, managing and resolving service requests
  • Adhoc structure of IT support management
  • Absence of any past records

Need for a structured IT support system led to evaluation of suitable ITSM tools available in the market.

Solution we provided

Synpulse IT team evaluated ServiceNow, Jira and Zendesk amongst other tools while selecting an ITSM tool for service & support.

Following were the key requirements:

  • Cloud based solution with high availability
  • Accessible over the internet from anywhere in the world
  • Friendly, easy to understand GUI for both Support Staff and End Users
  • Easily customizable forms, interfaces and automation
  • Vast options of reports for measuring performance and health
  • Facilitates Knowledge Management

Overall, Freshservice has proven to be a reliable tool which has created positive vibes for the IT Support team as well as delivered high customer satisfaction for the end-users.

“IT Support Specialist at Synpulse, recommends Freshservice as an affordable and reasonably priced end-to-end ITSM solution offering an intuitive Service Catalog to enable in-house knowledge management”

rome orofeo 2x
Rome Orofeo

IT Support Specialist



Synpulse IT Support team has observed tremendous success with improved customer satisfaction after implementation of Freshservice. 
Freshservice offers a huge value add in numerous ways such as:

  • Knowledge management capability along with community forums offers a platform for end users to collaborate on ideas regarding an issue. Users can troubleshoot themselves on the known issues.
  • Strengthening IT Support Infrastructure
  • Automatic capture of feedback on a ticket
  • Notification on SLAs

Synpulse IT Support Specialist appreciates the Freshservice team for:

  • Openness to feedback for improvement of the product
  • Quick resolution to any issues faced by the Synpulse IT team
First Call Resolution 2-3 Days   24 Hours
Overall Customer Satisfaction 40% 75%