IT Support

  • Lack of cloud support
  • Lack of knowledge base
  • Inefficient processes
  • Slow and unreliable solution
  • Usability
  • Stability
  • Low self-service adoption
  • Lack of customer feedback
  • Gamification
  • Incident management
  • Service catalog
  • Knowledge base
  • Self-service
  • Automation
  • Metrics and reporting
  • Customization

About Swinerton

The Swinerton Family of Companies provides construction services throughout the Western United States, delivering innovative construction solutions to clients including Medical, Higher Education, Federal, Municipal, and Military. With over 8 million square feet of LEED certified and registered construction, Swinerton is a leader in Green, BIM, Design-Build, IPD, and Lean construction technologies. Today, Swinerton offices are located throughout California, Colorado, Hawaii, Texas, Oregon and Washington.


Swinerton’s previous tool, Helpstar, was a slow and unreliable on-premise tool which didn’t allow them to easily add agents. They were thus on the lookout for a new IT service management (ITSM) solution to improve their service delivery and IT support. They needed something that would shift focus from solely handing IT problems to refining IT support and customer satisfaction. They decided that a cloud-based ITSM solution would address their functional, operational, and management issues

Solution we provided

Swinerton found Freshservice to be easy to adopt, requiring no exclusive training. Their team loved the gamification feature, competing with each other and performing better and more effectively. While their previous ITSM tool didn’t have the bandwidth to work on more than one ticket at a time, Freshservice allows IT users to access multiple tickets simultaneously. They also loved using the service catalog to list and request services. According to Swinerton, Freshservice has changed the way their teams function and improved their work-life, as well as their performance.

“Freshservice has changed the way our teams function and improved their work-life, as well as their performance.”

lauren nunnally
Lauren Nunnally

Director of Support

Swinerton Builders


End users now frequently provide feedback, and use self-service rather than raise tickets through other means. With the employees/agents having the flexibility to decide on ticket urgency, there has also been a steady rise in the quality of service delivery.

Swinerton’s customer feedback response has gone from 0.4% to 25%, which is a lot considering that there are only 1300 employees. End users are also leaving valuable comments. This is helping Swinerton track unhappy customers and interact with them to resolve their issues as quickly as possible, improving individual and team performance. This has increased the overall efficiency of their IT operations and the ability to process more tickets.