• Managing on-premise solution
  • Limited reporting capabilities
  • Unintuitive User experience
  • Tracking emails
  • Reporting
  • Automations
  • Knowledge base

FCR Increased by


Infrastructure operations time

10 Hours



About canfitpro

canfitpro is the largest provider of education in the Canadian fitness industry. Founded in 1993, canfitpro delivers accessible, quality education, certifications, conferences, trade shows, and membership services. canfitpro’s over 24,000 members include some of the world’s finest fitness professionals, health club operators, industry suppliers, and fitness consumers.



canfitpro has a mix of help-desk infrastructure, operations and software development units within IT services. “The primary goal is to make sure all these services are being offered up to the staff, customers and making sure everything continues to run and the lights stay on” says, Michael Best, IT Manager. Michael's 7 member IT team wanted a service desk solution which could empower continuity but require minimal resources for development and management.

Prior to using Freshservice, Michael's team had used Spiceworks tool for about an year and faced several challenges along the journey.


On premise: canfitpro faced a big challenge in managing an on-prem tool which was highly taxing to manage in-house support staff, the server, equipment and manage updates with the application.

Reporting: canfitpro experienced difficulties due the the highly limited reporting capabilities of their previous solution. Identifying and reporting key metrics involved complex workarounds and time intensive workflows, which was unsustainable from scalability and resources perspectives.

User experience: Limited capabilities in terms of integration with Active Directory and customizations.

Email: canfitpro utilized email as their primary mode of customer support and communications. Relying solely on email meant multiple email exchanges, resulting in emails getting lost in some cases. Resolution and closure times were also directly impacted.

Solution we provided

After scouting and evaluating several solutions such as Zendesk, Manage Engine and Servicenow, Michael felt that Freshservice followed the ITIL framework close enough to their liking than any other product. The right set of features with the perfect pricing made Freshservice top canfitpro’s selection list. The team felt Freshservice was highly intuitive, easy to use and the reporting component made Freshservice win against the others.

canfitpro’s IT team used reporting, automations, knowledge base and service catalog modules intensely. With 24 x 7 email support from Freshservice, canfitpro were impressed with the response times for their queries. Any customization and automation requirements were easily understood and implemented well within the required time frame.

Freshservice simple and easy to use user interface enabled the employees to use the self-service portal to solve the issues themselves thus reducing the workload on IT support agents.

Favourite features and success with Freshservice features:

Reporting: The canfitpro IT team was able to run reports and track their progress at individual and group levels. The insights proved to be highly beneficial and productive to improve their SLAs

“If every application that we use was like Freshservice, my job would be easier, my life would be easier and users will be happier and the company also sees success. So it's a win-win for everyone. I love reports, I love numbers, I love data. Reports section excites me quite a lot, perhaps more than others.”

Micheal Best

IT Manager


Automations: Features such as scenario automation and supervisor rules have been very useful and allow tickets to be addressed and helped the team to manage repetitive tasks quite efficiently.

Knowledge base: A highly comprehensive and up to date knowledge base solved the biggest problems that took place everyday at canfitpro. Having solution articles reduced support load since requesters can access and help themselves where relevant solutions are suggested automatically.


increased from 70% to 90%


Increased from 75% to 93%